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wharfedale 7th May 2015 08:07

anyone know any history of my sammio I got it as a basket case and didnt evan know what it was

Paul L 7th May 2015 10:19

wharfedale - Welcome to the forum. :cool:

I've had a brief look at some old build threads and can't find a match for your "Before" photo.

Whilst, it is common to see some filler work where the bonnet meets the bulkhead, it looks like your whole bonnet has been cut in half and extended.
( Which is not very common on a Sammio Spyder. )

This is Mister Towed's car viewed from a similar angle.

It also looks like your cockpit has been seen a bit of "action" too, hard to tell what from the angle of the photo, but it looks shorter than Mr T's.

Is the rolling chassis underneath from a Triumph Herald, or a Spitfire?

Either way, your "After" photo looks great. :cool:

I'm sure lots of people on here would be interested in hearing about your build and seeing a few more photos.

Cheers, Paul. :)

Mister Towed 7th May 2015 14:13

It was Andy Kendrick's GT6 based one-off special -

Thread now bumped to the top so you can read the whole story...

Paul L 7th May 2015 17:59

Mr T - Good spot. :cool:

Although it is not clear from the Andy Kendrick thread what was actually sold.

It reads like it was just the "body package" (modified body shell & bonnet + internal framework).

With the GT6 rolling chassis being used for Chap68's second build, which was the Cordite demonstrator.

So it is possible that wharfedale bought the car from the person who bought the "body package" from Gary.

Either way, it would be good to hear some more details about what was required to turn it around.

Cheers, Paul. :)

wharfedale 7th May 2015 18:09

that looks very mutch like my car apart fom the wires, mine had steel wheels until i put whires on,
I thoufgt the dashboards were abit sparce I built mine from an old piano lid.

wharfedale 7th May 2015 18:15
I am hving trouble with the photo file down loads, I hope this works.

Paul L 8th May 2015 18:07


Originally Posted by wharfedale (Post 66774)
... that looks very mutch like my car apart fom the wires, mine had steel wheels until i put whires on...

I think only the body shell "package" was sold, as the rest of the rolling chassis, including the wire wheels formed the basis of this car.

Cheers, Paul. :)

I love the idea of recycling an old piano lid into a dash board. :cool:

Mister Towed 9th May 2015 05:39

I could be wrong, but I think Phil J now owns the rolling chassis as it came with a pretty good engine/drivetrain.

wharfedale 9th May 2015 07:33

what did the body fit on origanaly if yu had to streach it?

wharfedale 9th May 2015 08:32

Apparantly the cockpit has been shortened and the body lenghthened. but I undersand the new kts fit on to spit chasis. was it meant for another chasis organaly?

anyone got seats to fit I tried three befor having some made specialy, but at 350 it tuned out to be a good move. Keith

Paul D 9th May 2015 08:49

They were built for a Herald/Vitesse base. The story starts here:

Mister Towed 9th May 2015 12:18

Not sure if I've got the wrong end of the discussion stick here, but I believe your body was originally adapted to fit a GT6 chassis. From memory of a conversation with Phil J about two years ago, I think the GT6 chassis was rotten beyond repair, but that might just be its engine and gearbox in the background of this shot of Barry's cockpit -

Oh, and after a failed attempt with MGB seats which were just too big, I used Dax Cobra seat shells and had them upholstered by a local trimmer -

I'd given the trimmer this picture as a guide as to what I wanted, and I think they did a good job -

wharfedale 9th May 2015 13:01

with standard seats there was no legroom, i am 6ft so that should not have been a problem, however the stock seats did not fit right and I wanted to be as low in the cab as possible. I think the cab may have been shortened I have 38 inch from back to bulkhead!

wharfedale 9th May 2015 13:03

how do i post pictures?

Mister Towed 9th May 2015 13:12


Originally Posted by wharfedale (Post 66857)
how do i post pictures?

I use photobucket - go to

create a (free) account and upload the picture you want to post to it. Click on the picture and when it opens, there'll be a 'share links' menu to the right hand side of the picture. Click the IMG code (it starts with the letters URL) and the word 'copied' will briefly flash. Then right click in the post where you want to put the picture and left click 'paste'. Until you click to submit the post only the code will show in your draft, but the picture will appear on the submitted post.

Oh, and if you subsequently delete the picture from photobucket it'll also disappear from the thread.

Good luck!

Paul L 9th May 2015 13:15

Sorry I am in a bit of a rush as I'm supposed to be doing something else, this was taken from the Miglia section....


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 65972)
There are a couple of links with information about loading photos:

This one covers photos stored externally.

This one covers photos stored on the forum itself.

This forum feature only went live in 2014, so was not available at the time the other thread started.
( But it is mentioned at the end of the first thread. )

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

Paul L 9th May 2015 13:16


Sorry Mr T, your reply arrived while I was still copying & pasting. :rolleyes:

I must type faster!

wharfedale 9th May 2015 14:07


thanks for the advise, Keith

do I understand from the history that my car is 4 inch longer than a spyder?

wharfedale 9th May 2015 14:19


The seats were made as far back and down as possible to get the leg room and so I could get behind the sreen, at 350 worked out cheaper than some of the shelf stuff.
The dahs is an old piano lid!

wharfedale 13th May 2015 16:03


made a badge up from an old speedo bezle and a spider badge of ebay,
still not sure about it yet?

oxford1360 13th May 2015 19:00

It certainly looks like it is on a Spit chassis now. "L" is too late for a Herald and that isn't a GT6 exhaust in one of the Dropbox "before" shots.

wharfedale 14th May 2015 07:09

yes its a1300 spit the exhuast is a cherry bomb

wharfedale 16th May 2015 12:56

found this on ebay fits into the center of standard triumph horn push!:eyebrows:

Paul L 16th May 2015 18:46

tlrtone used the same Spiderman badge on the back of his Sammio.

wharfedale 22nd May 2015 12:38

just got this one today of ebay

wharfedale 13th August 2016 10:34
coming to the end of the second summer in the spyder since completion and what a good investment its been, for a total build cost of 4500 it gets more attention than cars at many times that cost, just a tip for anyone putting on wires , use locktight on the spline nuts both myself and a friend have had wheels come loose as you cant get a socket on the nuts to torque them up

lancelot link 13th August 2016 12:28

Great to hear you are enjoying the car ....

Paul L 15th August 2016 18:20


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 81881)
Great to hear you are enjoying the car ....

+1 :cool:

And feel free to post some more "on the road" photos.

They are a big motivation to those of us "under construction".

Cheers, Paul. :)

wharfedale 17th August 2016 07:47

more pics

wharfedale 17th August 2016 07:50

cant seem to get the picks to show, just the links!
[QUOTE=wharfedale;81973] seem to get the picks to show, just the links![]

wharfedale 26th February 2017 13:03

spring has sprung

battery charged, fuel filter cleaned ready for spring!:eusa_dance:

wharfedale 26th May 2017 11:07
A new garage mate for spyder (todays quiz, what is it?)

wharfedale 26th May 2017 11:09

froggyman 26th May 2017 14:03

My guess is an Ashley. Quite a rare car I would think.

softfeet 26th May 2017 14:47

It looks like a Turner, but I think it is the 1980s 'replica' of a Turner called an MC Acer. Later called a Carlton Acer. I might be wrong...

Roadster 26th May 2017 15:04

Its been modified whatever it is

Reminds me of a Fairthorpe possibly an Electron

wharfedale 26th May 2017 15:19


Originally Posted by softfeet (Post 88328)
It looks like a Turner, but I think it is the 1980s 'replica' of a Turner called an MC Acer. Later called a Carlton Acer. I might be wrong...

on the button!

wharfedale 30th June 2019 10:17

in out

My new device for pushing youself out of the cab.

Paul L 2nd July 2019 21:15

Nice mod. :cool:

wharfedale 29th August 2019 18:38

not much going on lately so took a few piks, my rad cap fell to bits on checking the level it was new at build, is this imported crap or what, tiedied up my piano lid dash. and apart from that had some good fun in the sun. !!

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