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freeman41 19th September 2018 15:04

Sorting out the Tweeks
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I got the car on a rolling road to sort out the carbs, appears to be running better (see photo).

The garage that tuned the carbs is about 40 miles away from home which has some good fast stretches of road. On the return journey I took it up to 70mph on a few occasions which highlighted a couple of problems. An uncomfortable wheel wobble between 60-70mph and the bonnet would have won a prize in Strictly Come Dancing. The car has been on the road for sometime but this was the first time it had a fast run.

The wire wheels were second hand but I had them checked and balanced before fitting. I took the wheels to a different tyre centre and the fitter said they needed rebuilt as they were out of true and couldn't be balanced.
Back to Ebay, bought some more, blasted, painted, balanced, fitted, not had a chance to test them yet.

Fitted two flat slip bolts to the top of the bonnet to locate the bonnet better. Leather holding straps look good but difficult to tension.

Hopefully if the weather allows I am taking the car on a rally this coming weekend. It starts at the Humber Bridge on Saturday and finish in Beverley on Sunday. The rally is approximately 350 miles, not sure where we are going in between the start and finish. I picking up a pal in York, my navigator. I live in Leeds so this will add another 150 miles to the rally so a good test for the car.
If the weather is poor we are going in his MGB and I will be navigator. This could add another few miles to the journey plus he is inpatient. May have to take my duelling pistols.

Dave P a couple of the photos are for you. There is the aluminium lining in the cabin but I have recently tidied up the engine bay with aluminium too. I think aluminium on older cars looks good and you don't have to be to precise with the fitting. Best of look with your.

Cheers to all

micky1mo 19th September 2018 17:46

Car's looking good.:icon_biggrin:
What carb set-up do you have?

freeman41 20th September 2018 09:58

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Originally Posted by micky1mo (Post 96867)
Car's looking good.:icon_biggrin:
What carb set-up do you have?

The carbs are Dellorto, bit thirsty 23 mpg but apart from that very good and has a quick pick up. See attached picture.


Paul L 20th September 2018 17:34

Trevor Glad to hear you are out enjoying/improving your car. :cool:

I like your bonnet bolts.

I only got as far as painting mine, before switching to a latch mechanism instead.

As I also had leather straps and a flapping bonnet at speed on mine.

Cheers, Paul. :)

micky1mo 20th September 2018 19:49

That must be a night-mare to set and run!!

Alex 21st September 2018 17:46

Loving the carb set up, want to get rid of my twin Stromburgs and fit a triple set up to my Vitesse 2.0l engine in the Formosa, where did you get those and the manifold from ?

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