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Mick O'Malley 17th April 2019 07:24

Result! Excellent :).

Regards, Mick

redratbike 17th April 2019 19:51

Well done

Lucky@LeMans 17th April 2019 20:19

Thanks everyone ! Moving onto lots of neglected DIY jobs around the house next. That will keep me going for a month or two .
I've got a couple of ideas for my next project, watch this space !

lancelot link 17th April 2019 20:48


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 99979)
Well done, give it 2 weeks and you will be kicking yourself for not taking a mould!

well done ...great news . I doubt you'll be kicking yourself about that mould as taking a mould from that aluminium body would have been risky and almost certainly have damaged it . I spoke to several laminator's about it when people were saying mould it a while back as I thought it was risky . No one I spoke to could say that it wouldn't be damaged

molleur 17th April 2019 21:53

The only danger would be scarring the body when releasing the mold.
It would have to be done in about 6 separate mold sections. Fancy laying-up upside down?

10 release waxes, 6 fogs of PVA and gelcoat before any lamination begins would do. Very complicated shapes in the pontoons.

Well enough not to do it IMO.

Lucky@LeMans 17th April 2019 21:54

1 Attachment(s)
Could this be a Formosa with a bit of a twist on the styling ? I think there is one underneath it !

Paul L 18th April 2019 07:21

Lucky Ė Congratulations on the sale. :cool:

Whilst it is a shame you didnít get to drive it more, paying off your mortgage is a real bonus.

Can I just check what wheel/tyre sizes the donor car had compared to what you fitted instead?

Did these changes make any difference to the way the car drove/handled?

Finally, Iíll leave you with this photo that Mick posted.

Cheers, Paul. :)

Lucky@LeMans 18th April 2019 16:51

Hello Paul, I only did a mile or two in donor 7. That had 50 profile tyres so quite a harsh ride but very grippy with good feel. The 80 profile tyres helped with the gearing with the bigger engine. The handling still very good but slightly softer thanks to the higher profile. I didn't get anywhere near its limits, I tend to drive pretty steady anyway !

lancelot link 19th April 2019 12:43


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 100005)
Could this be a Formosa with a bit of a twist on the styling ? I think there is one underneath it !

You could certainly head in that direction with an F120 gr . Basically most of the cars of that era are a similar generic shape. aren't they ?..kind of . If you squint , you can see any one of the top half dozen marques from one angle or another . I thought I was borrowing too many design cues from the Ferrari's at one point , but the addition of the pout and the opened up arches on some of the cars , I now see more Maserati ...Nearly every passer by who asks says .."" Is that a D type mate ? "" Now apart from the bonnet bulge I don't see any Jaguar but clearly others do !! I know Richard Bird was tweaking the body , deleting the side vent etc with a view to going 58 TR styled ...I haven't seen any recent updates on that so don't know if its under construction , abandoned or currently being pirated ..but it def had been started....

redratbike 19th April 2019 12:48


Originally Posted by Lucky@LeMans (Post 100005)
Could this be a Formosa with a bit of a twist on the styling ? I think there is one underneath it !

New project already decided!!!

Lucky@LeMans 19th April 2019 15:04

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by redratbike (Post 100026)
New project already decided!!!

The build of any project is the best bit for me. Once completed I'm always thinking what to build next ! Been the same in most of the jobs I've had over the years, building bespoke pumping systems for the oil & gas industry being my most recent. Here is a chemical injection system I put together a while back.. Sorry not the best photo !

Mick O'Malley 5th June 2019 09:51

London Yesterday
I didn't know where else to put this but, anyway, on my day out in London I wandered down to my boyhood home in Chelsea and found, just around the corner, a Ferrari dealership with this beast in the window. The suited flunkeys within looked down their noses at the peasant photographing their charge as I shot.

Further down the road is a vast cemetery, through which I used to walk to Stamford Bridge. There I spied this memorial, which speaks for itself. Wonky photo' alert.

Regards, Mick

Jaguartvr 23rd July 2019 20:28

Up for sale on car and classic

redratbike 23rd July 2019 20:48

Wow cheeky bastards

Mick O'Malley 24th July 2019 06:49


Originally Posted by redratbike (Post 101406)
Wow cheeky bastards


Could be worse: Yellow Monaco dude would have advertised it as an ex-Le Mans winner with a platinum plated titanium frame designed and fabricated by Enzo himself.

Regards, Mick

Car photographer 24th July 2019 09:33

If you look below the text it says - "£166.45 As stated" .... bargain!! ;)

Lucky@LeMans 24th July 2019 19:30

Wow ! When we did the deal the buyer had claimed that he had already sold the car and the new owner was going to fit a V12 engine back into it. That idea must have changed, at least all my hard work won't be undone !

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