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Ex-Biker 12th June 2008 08:47

Anyone know of a good place to get a quote.

The Marlin site shows what seems to be very cheap insurance, but has no link to get a quote etc.

MadDogMoggy 12th June 2008 09:45

I insured my Tiger Super Cat with a firm called CIC. They were (at the time) a lot cheaper than the other insurers such as Footman James and Adrian Flux. Their renewal quote was also very good. However I didn't have to make a claim, so I can't vouch for how good they would be in that instance!

CIC 01206 792927

limpabit 12th June 2008 10:25

I'm with footman james at 205 per year with 3000 miles. Can be raised if need be.

alackofspeed 12th June 2008 12:00

I'm with footman james - circa 300 for 2 drivers, and (I think) 5000 miles. Fully comp, with breakdown cover.

MikeR 12th June 2008 15:43

Adrian Flux - 157 with 4500mile limit.


SDMC001 12th June 2008 19:09

I have just renewed with Footman James, having a 1600 k series and in my 40`s, I paid 130 for restricted milleage of 3000.

limpabit 12th June 2008 19:16

Blimey, they are cheap quotes.

What have you told them for values? I've said 13k.

alackofspeed 12th June 2008 21:35

I think mine's pricey, because I'm younger than everyone else, it's the Type-R engine, I haven't got a clean licence (whooopsie), and I've got the highest mileage.

paulsul 17th June 2008 20:45

I got mine with what used to be Roadcraft (now premium choice)
Fully comp with legal cover, sole driver, 3000 miles, 3 points 153

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