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AndyP57 21st July 2014 10:05

Some Bad News, Some Good News and the way ahead

It's about time I raised my head above the parapet and put some rumours to bed and explained what's going on.

Most of you will have noticed my absence from the forum for a month or so and some have PM's me and had advance notification of what's up.

Let's start with the 'Bad' news (Though as you will see it's not all bad). A couple of months ago, I had what some would call a 'shot across the bows' with a health scare (Well it scared the wits out of me!) which after consultations with the medical fraternity and family alike resulted in the same dire advice / orders in that I should not be 'doing so much' and 'find a nice (boring) desk job. In the time between then and now, I had some very difficult decisions to make and as I found out, they were right! The more time I was behind a desk, the better I felt, to the point that in the last week, I spent some time with 'the doc' doing tests etc and found I was nearly back to where I was before. Now, I have no intention of having another bout so the discussions I have been having in the interim have become a plan and this, I am here to tell you, is what is going to happen. This I will call the 'Good bit'

The Good news.... With all that happened, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that I have to wind down Ribble HQ, so, in the words of Baldrick, 'I have a cunning plan'. This is that with effect from the end of August, and in some select cases, earlier, all Ribble business will be transferred to a good friend, Mike Moore, who runs 'Replica Rides' from his expanding workshop in Swindon. He has already started the growth, is taking over some Turnkey builds and will be taking on the 'New business' with the kits as of Monday 1st September. This will effectively mean that there will be no immediate change in any current or future business so my mind is at rest. I don't intend disappearing totally but he will be completely at the helm of the business with all empowerment to do whatever in his power to keep improving the product in whichever way he chooses.

The Way Ahead... Well as I said, Mike will be looking after things and from discussions we have had in the past weeks, he has some exciting ideas afoot. He will, and I'm sure he'll add to this thread if I'm wrong, carry on the current line and shells from the current moulds, for the rest of this 'Season' and has plans on a remould which are already starting to be put in place, to bring both Pilot and Navigator shells, including bonnets' to a common, improved standard. He plans on carrying on a plan I had already started working on, in making both kits work to standard parts with the only difference being the wheelbase. I don't want to tread on his toes so I will leave it at that for now and let Mike tell you what he plans in his own time. As for me? I'm going to carry on building cars, one at a time, not to order but as a hobby and keep in the loop for as long as I can. The bills will be paid by me going back to a desk job where I can be as bored as the Doc and Family want me to be.

I hope all this doesn't phase any of you and I hope you will give as much support and banter to Mike as you have me. In the transition, I will, of course, be keeping the Ribble emails alive and will forward any queries or correspondence to Mike.

Take care all. I'll hopefully see you at future Kit Car Shows.

oxford1360 21st July 2014 10:15

That's sad news for you, Andy. You definitely improved the Sammio/Ribble range during your time in charge. I am sure that Mike will continue in the same vein and do your legacy proud.

garyh 21st July 2014 10:55

Look forward to seeing a build thread of your own... Where's Andy 85?

AndyP57 21st July 2014 10:59

With the major change in direction, AndyP85 has started with plans of his own and hopes to make his way into catering. He'll still be around here and help me with any new project I have on the go.

mas123mas 21st July 2014 12:43

Good luck to both the Andy's and Mike, who I know will do you proud.

Mister Towed 21st July 2014 13:02

Best of luck with the new direction Andy, hope the health issue properly sorts itself out.

swifty 21st July 2014 13:33

All the best Andy in your future and I look forward to reading about your next build, i suppose my shell may be the last from Ribble HQ a possible collectors item, if only.

Any way Andy take care and its good to see you are moving forward in a positive way.

AndyP85 21st July 2014 15:35


Originally Posted by garyh (Post 57716)
Look forward to seeing a build thread of your own... Where's Andy 85?

The time spent working at Ribble HQ was awesome, I learnt a hell of alot and though I wasn't really apart of the building the cars (though I assisted with the heavy bits, bodies, engines, gear boxes etc) I was mainly on the Administrative side, keeping up with emails, ordering components for the builds, website redesign and website maintenance etc which took added pressure of my Dad while he was building.
I have always wanted to be a chef since childhood and a window was opened for me to do what I have always wanted to do so as my father decided to wind Ribble HQ down I jumped ship and follow a dream of mine :biggrin:

I am looking forward to seeing what Mike will do with the brand once he takes command, I am sure we will see more improvements with the range and hope to see some stunning builds :biggrin:

When the oldman took command of the Sammio range, I never thought he'd receive the support he got from you guys. I want to personally thankyou all for the cracking support you gave him :hail::hail: and for an amazing experience.

I, as AndyP57 rightly said, will, like him, will still be around and one day will build my own Ribble Pilot :biggrin: I do pop online occasionally to check out the recent updates on peoples builds and see how people are progressing :peep:

Nike55 21st July 2014 19:04

AndyP57 & AndyP85: Best wishes and good luck for the future.

Paul L 21st July 2014 19:21

AndyP57 - Good to hear you are on the mend. :cool:

Looking after yourself must be your main priority, as family is more important than work.

Thanks for all the help you have given me with my own kit.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AndyP85 - Hope things work out for you as a chef.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mike / Micky1Mo - Good luck with the next phase of the Sammio / Ribble story.

I've enjoyed following your various build threads and look forward to seeing some more. :cool:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Good luck, Paul. :)

I will update the "Useful Info" sticky at some point.

davecymru 21st July 2014 19:45

That's really sad news as i was so proud to see the way you took over the business and carried on with the same Ethos as Gary started with and i was really loving the thing you were doing!

That said, and as i know only too well, family and health always comes first so i wish you all the best for the future!

So the new Sammio/Ribble base will be in Swindon you say.... only 20mins down the motorway from my office... :D

EL PRIMER 22nd July 2014 13:51

Sorry to hear about the problems , Andy.
You are making a wise decision , life's too short etc.

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