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andysharrock 1st May 2020 09:05

Z3 interior coverings replacements ideas
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I need ideas what costs if you have them.
I am in the middle of making a dash for my Z3, I am not sure what finish to have. something period to what the car would be leatherette would be good but I would think almost impossible to get around all the shapes.
work in progress
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carpets are another one a lot of awkward shapes to get around I normally use 4 way stretch on the roof and around the parcel shelf. but it can not be used as carpet it would look good till you used it

casamolino 1st May 2020 10:24

Good morning Andy i have used this on a number of occasions , Geoff .

Lucky@LeMans 1st May 2020 13:51

Flocking works well on dash boards.

Cheap DIY kits available and easy and quick to use.

molleur 1st May 2020 15:59

Agree with flocking. A mess to do, but results are worth it.

andysharrock 1st May 2020 18:36

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thanks for the replies I think the paint option is the one I was more thinking of what casamolino has used. I was actually thinking of a textured stone chip same sort of idea or hammerite spray.just waiting on some release wax to make a mould off it before I fit it then I can use it on the next build too after I have put so much work into it

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just primered it to see what it looks like in paint, will drop the screen vents into it after the moulding process omne less thinking for it to stick to

jones 1st May 2020 19:49

Nice work, looks good Andy

andysharrock 1st May 2020 22:39

screen vents = demister vents in the top of dashboard

molleur 1st May 2020 22:42

good works Andy. Hang on to the mold.

redratbike 2nd May 2020 11:32

Black crinkle effect paint ?

Quite a retro finish

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