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DavidH 13th June 2008 16:35

Brake Servo
Umm just found a problem with my brake servo/master cylinder

looking at the car from the front my master cylinder has exits on the left hand (drivers side) not the right hand (passenger side) also they seem to be 13mm but the Marlin pipes are 10mm

I wonder if its a problem as I used a 25 rather than a 200 as a donor? has anyone else had this problem.

craig 13th June 2008 17:26

David, when I used a servo and master cylinder from a rover I used 2005 mgzr so no problem with using 25.

However when I was bying mine I noticed that the cars with abs exited on the wrong side!!

Could this be your problem or not?

limpabit 14th June 2008 03:21

Hi David.

I had the same problem on mine. I just went down to the breakers and got the right master cylinder that exits from the other side.

Possible what Craig said about it being ABS. Mine was ABS.

MikeR 14th June 2008 08:06

Yes can confirm that cars fitted with ABS have the M/C connections on the opposite (wrong) side. A trip to the breakers i'm afraid.


limpabit 14th June 2008 08:44

Hi David.

Looking at the Rover parts list, they were installed in March 1996 mk2 wedge shape as well.

I'm not sure, but this could be one. Is very cheap. Can't match Rover part number with these part numbers.

Would need to ring up and find out.

DavidH 14th June 2008 16:58

that looks like an abs one to me too, looking at the orientation it would come out the same side as my existing one. I recon this is the one I need.

limpabit 14th June 2008 19:40

Yep that looks like the one.

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