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casamolino 11th May 2019 11:27

Chester to Mille Miglia 2019
Aririved in Milano Marittima safe and sound on Thursday 09/05 , we had left Chester Monday morning , stayed overnight in Dover then got the 08:00 DFDS ferry to Dunkirk .

Finally we were off the ferry at about 11:30 for the drive to Saarbrucken where we were staying at the Mecure City Hotel , was able to get the car into the hotel underground car park .

The next day was the longest approx 340 miles to Como , Germany France Switzerland and Italy , it rained all day! we were staying in a small B+B in the centre of Como , one of the reasons for booking this was the private car park , will not be staying there again the private car park was down a narrow/dark passage FUN not ,

The final day was a relatively easy run Como to Milano Marittima 220 miles , the car ran perfectly on the way down , hopefully the same coming back .The following pics are the view from the balcony at the front of the apartment , that car in the final pic is a really nice colour , Geoff .

ericholm 11th May 2019 11:57

You are living the dream Geoff! Jealous.... :yo:

IanA 11th May 2019 12:58

Totally green inside and out here. I've been twice although I've flown in, once to Brescia and once to Milan.
Hope the weather holds for all.
Don't miss the Mille Miglia Museum...

Welshkiwi 12th May 2019 04:41

Very jealous Geoff, something that I will never be able to do with any car I own in NZ.......I will have to start planning a South Island road trip once active again. Your car looks stunning and must create quite a sensation on the road.

Barber 12th May 2019 06:48

Lovely, keep the updates coming. I think I may start making plans for driving down for the the next one in the Z3gato. A good, longstanding friend is itching to do a multi country road tour. His wife is not so keen on long holidays these days, so we feel we have carte blanche to "get out of the house for a bit" as instructed.

Jaguartvr 12th May 2019 08:35

The rear window and side window makes so much difference, along with the inspired colour choice!

Could the rear window not be used on the Z3gato? The rear window is the only downside on the whole car.

casamolino 13th May 2019 08:47


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 100385)
The rear window and side window makes so much difference, along with the inspired colour choice!

Could the rear window not be used on the Z3gato? The rear window is the only downside on the whole car.

Jag i thought you would like the colour! as the UK appears to be basking in high temperatures and Blue skies , i thought a weather update from Italy would be appropriate , on the Adriatic coast of Italy we are nearly 24hrs into Gale force winds and heavy rain and low 12* temp , the usually Blue Adriatic is Grey and very choppy , the following photos don`t really do it justice .
When ever i go away i cover the car in a lightweight cover that was not visible this morning and i assumed that it had blown off and be miles away luckily it was on the floor with one of the holding straps still attached to the car .

As it is cold we have had the two electric radiators on then put the electric immersion heater on , that tripped the mains to the apartment! after a bit of investigation the switches were not tripped in this apartment but were at the main supply cupboard downstairs , all sorted now , lets hope it stops raining before the MM starts on Wed , Geoff .

Jaguartvr 13th May 2019 09:58

Car covers

Can do more damage to your paintwork flapping about in the wind than leaving the car uncovered. You also run the risk of scratching the paintwork, doesn't matter how soft the cover is, that small bit of grit or gravel that it picked up from the ground can cause a very nasty scratch.
They can also hold the moisture in causing microbubbles in the paint.

I use them for long term projects but leave them naked when they are finished.

casamolino 13th May 2019 10:57

Never had a problem so will continue to use them , Geoff .

casamolino 13th May 2019 12:20

Jag PM sent , Geoff .

wozzy 13th May 2019 16:20

What a great roadtrip, i am off doing Europe next month, You can't beat it

casamolino 15th May 2019 08:36

We visited the Ferrari museum at Maranello yesterday and what had pride of place as the first car .

I knew there was a reason i picked Sky Blue! now where are those Red White and Blue stripes .

Enzo`s desk .

One from Lucky at LeMans .

My travel stained car i front of the Michael Schumacher 50th year signs .

MM arrives this evening , cant wait , Geoff .

Jaguartvr 15th May 2019 10:01

Brave man taking your car there. I would have been worried that they might have crushed it when you were touring the museum!

Barber 15th May 2019 10:02

The Pride of Place car looks wonderful, would it be "wrong" to kiss it? ��

lancelot link 15th May 2019 12:44

that pale blue with the stripes on that SWB looks fantastic .. Love the 750 Monza (?) on the trolley too ...I've just made something very similar to roll my shells around on ...

Enzo's desk is pretty cool can imagine the 'passionate' conversations had over that over the years ! ...

Harley Earl wins best desk ever award for me though ... just fabulous

Hughandjen 15th May 2019 18:15

Love that pale blue colour. What a car
Looks like your having a great trip.

IanA 15th May 2019 20:53


Originally Posted by Barber (Post 100433)
The Pride of Place car looks wonderful, would it be "wrong" to kiss it? ��

The writing on the red tape on the floor around it reads "Please do not kiss."

Barber 16th May 2019 06:03


Originally Posted by IanA (Post 100444)
The writing on the red tape on the floor around it reads "Please do not kiss."

Well spotted, so I am not the only one.:icon_biggrin:

casamolino 18th May 2019 10:58

This is the arrival ramp at the end of the first day , on the day before ,

Just a few of the cars arriving at the Cervia time control , ,

Unless you are part of the Alfa/Porsche/Mercedes factory teams the cars are parked on the roads outside the hotels!

I am pretty sure these guys were not competing on a shoestring!

Random SWB parked at the start line for the start of day 2 ,

casamolino 19th May 2019 19:24

Currently on way back from Italy , first stop is in Switzerland at Airolo just at the foot of the Gotthard pass/tunnel , the pass is still closed and is likely to be for a number of weeks . From experience Airolo is a good stopping point as there are long queues to get into the tunnel in the afternoon but it is usually not a problem first thing .

The views from this B&B are good!

It must be useful to have a Steyr Puch in the back garden when the snow is on the ground , there is snow forecast at this level in Airolo next Sunday .

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