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Danny_HUFC 27th November 2013 16:03

Whats it worth?

It went for 2600 then got re-listed and went for 2800.

Now its on classified add for 3500?

What is everyones opinion on what these cars are worth?

Chris has an unfinished hardtop for sale for a customer also at 3500 unfinished.

The only one I have seen sold is the white hardtop with the gold numbers on the side. and i think that went for about 7500.

Im almost finished mine and just wondering what it would be worth as I would sell it for the right price and maybe have a go at another 1!

Danny_HUFC 27th November 2013 16:06

Thats the 1 i meant, the only finished 1 I have seen sold.

Mitchelkitman 27th November 2013 16:50

Whatever anyone's willing to pay on the day - Traditionally kit cars only sell for the basic price of the kit! That said there always has been (and probably always will be) a huge range of quality (or lack of it!) on offer by way of finished car.
I think it's true to say the best ones rarely get put on the market as the owners/builders are happy with them and built them - all that sweat and swearing has it's own price.

The Shadow 27th November 2013 17:54

They are worth what anyone is happy paying at the endof the day.
the relisted one is a bit weird , how many genuin no sales can you have unless there is a problem. the maths don't quite work either in his advert either he says tribute charged him 1750 to fit a convertable kit which is less work than a hardtop kit to fit and then the other advert has a hardtop kit fitted by chris and his gang for 950.
if I was looking for one of these I would say the hardtop looks like the better deal and if these cars are making anything over 5500 finished as it appears they are - then theres an erner in it for someone.

soporsche 28th November 2013 17:57

Hi, interesting thread as mines (hardtop) 'probably' up for sale in next month or two, I was offered 4300 by a dealer 'as is' 3 months ago but was happy to enjoy it at the time so politely declined.
Probably anything between 4-6k for a sale to end user based on kit sales experience though as said before, it really depends what anyone wants to pay and how much of a rush you are to sell (especially with kits)... just look at Totalheadturners and their prices, though much of his stock is well prepped and high quality finish.

Mitchelkitman 28th November 2013 20:12


Originally Posted by soporsche (Post 49133)
... just look at Totalheadturners and their prices, though much of his stock is well prepped and high quality finish.

As a dealer the have certain obligation to the customer (which Trading Standards or the Courts can enforce), and I'm sure lots of overheads. To compare with a private sale isn't realistic IMHO.

soporsche 29th November 2013 10:40

Hi Mitchelkitman
I agree and my comment was not intended to be critical of any dealer, purely a reference to the fact the market will pay the appropriate price for the right item in the right condition, if.... as a seller you are realistic about what you have for sale and recognise that this is a niche market where it may take longer to find the right buyer.

The dealer I referenced is knowledgeable, has been trading in the market a long time, understands his products and is successful at what he does.
As a buyer there is an amount of 'comfort' in buying a car (even at a premium) from a recognised trader with the protection that this affords, especially relevant with kit cars as experience shows they are not always as they seem on the shiny surface. I am of course not referring to my car which is underneath exactly as it seems on the shiny surface:smile:

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