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Kit 275GTB 5th March 2016 14:01

Cat C or Cat B donor
Has anyone tried sourcing all their parts from a single Cat C or B donor? What does the DVLA think of it? The scrapyards don't want to sell you a complete car anyway.

Kit 275GTB 22nd March 2016 19:59

Single Donor Kit cars
(The thread title should have read "Cat C or Cat D donor".)
I have had a reply from the DVLA to my enquiry about a single donor vehicle and it is all dealt with in leaflet INF26 "The registration of Rebuilt or Radically Altered Vehicles and Kit Cars" dated October 2015.
As far as I can see, for cars such as a 250 replica made by Tribute Automotive on a BMW Z3 donor, this will come under section 5 "Kit Conversions" and I quote "This is where a kit of new parts is added to an existing vehicle... The general appearance of the vehicle will change and result in a different description being put on the Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C)." and later "A vehicle will keep the registration number of the original vehicle if the original unaltered chassis/monocoque bodyshell has been used." otherwise, "The vehicle must have an IVA. The date of manufacture will be taken from the IVA certificate."
Section 2 "Vehicles that have been rebuilt using a mix of new and/or used parts" says "To keep the original registration number, cars must use the original UNALTERED chassis or monocoque bodyshell." (my capitals) so surely this does not apply.
The case of the Z3 where all external panels can be unbolted and replaced appears to be outside their consideration.
I would be interested to hear from anyone who has built one of these kits and their experience of registering or taxing them. Have the Police stopped you and asked to see the V5C?

Kit 275GTB 23rd March 2016 08:49

BTW, my letter to DVLA was prompted by my lurking idea to use a different donor for my 275 which would involve cutting off all the superstructure and replacing the screen but retaining the rest of the floor pan and mechanical components so that I could retain a true 275 profile.

hurnleft 24th March 2016 06:52

Whilst I have no knowledge of your original question about Cat C & Cat D cars, I do have a Z3 base Tribute 250 SWB.
I have put the experience of re-registration in my build thread somewhere (The Kebab) and it was very simple and straightforward. The car is now correctly registered with DVLA and is a BMW Italia 250.

Cheers, Bob.

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