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Lucky@LeMans 14th June 2017 17:12

LeMans 24hr this weekend
Big event of the weekend is the 24 hour of LeMans.

TV coverage this weekend so worth a look.

Also "live in car" action from Porsche for the whole race, see , you will have a choice of cars to view from . Great to see the race from the drivers viewing point, I was worn out after a few hours watching this, I can't imagine what its like if you are driving at that speed for so long.

Highly recommended viewing !

Lucky@LeMans 17th June 2017 21:14

OK, so a quick update: I've seen none of the race so far as my wife Cath is in hospital ! She's ok but staying the night, just got home a few minutes ago.

The TV coverage I've seen advertised is on Quest, 10 am Sunday and 1.00pm Sunday are the next ones to see.

Live coverage , in car footage is on now with Porsche , cars 1, 2, 91 and 92. I don't know the score at the moment , I'll check it out and be back later !

Its live Now !

Lucky@LeMans 17th June 2017 22:12

Ok, as of 11pm we have Porsche car No1 in 2nd, Porsche 2 in 4th, Porsche 91 in 8th and Porsche 92 in 3rd.

Go to for live English commentary right through the race and for the live "incar" footage.

Barber 18th June 2017 15:45

Glad everything is OK, was it a reaction to kit cars?

Lucky@LeMans 18th June 2017 21:14

Cath is still in hospital. As a result I've spent the whole weekend going back and forth !
I only got to see an hour of the race last night on the Porsche website. There was lots of live footage from many of the teams so there was plenty of coverage. Radio lemans was on the whole time but didn't get to listen in much.

Did anyone see the programs on Quest ?

Might catch up with the events on YouTube later in the week.

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