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keith 26th May 2018 08:29

Morgan/Moss build ?
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Hi Just a intro to me and my build. 50 something and been looking at kits since 18 so hopefully will get there.
I have started my build after a trip to ebay found what was described as a Morgan/ Moss shell last year. have also got a Triumph Herald chasse with running gear and log book from ebay. Keith

keith 28th May 2018 04:48

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Been planning build so looked at different engines and have got a 2.8l v6 Chevrolet Camaro engine and auto box. This requires altering the chasse to much so have decided to make a new chasse and go through IVA. But use Triumph suspension.Attachment 5231

Attachment 5236

Attachment 5237

Attachment 5238

keith 28th May 2018 05:09

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Next turned to rear suspension needed better diff BMW e46 would do so had adaptors cut to fit Triumph drive shafts but leaf spring would not fit over so converted to wish bone suspension part Triumph and rest made. Had to alter top wishbone to get coil over through but rolling chasse now.Attachment 5239

Attachment 5240

Attachment 5241

Attachment 5242

froggyman 28th May 2018 21:34

Nice work. Keen to see how this works out with your chassis. Have had similar thoughts myself but not put into practise as yet. Keep the updates coming with plenty of pictures.

keith 29th May 2018 18:47

Thanks will try and keep it up to date

keith 29th May 2018 19:10

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I plan to fit discs brakes all round up rated Canley classics up front and mgtf rear discs with golf calipers and make up carriers and have fitted 1500 spitfire anti-role bar to the rear and standard herald to the front. Also fitting pcd adaptors to give better wheel selection, with the 35mm I made the chasse wider and the adaptors the wheel base is 70mm wider.Attachment 5243

Attachment 5244

Jaguartvr 30th May 2018 07:14

As this is being made up with a new chassis and so many different donor parts, will it end up as a Q reg?

keith 30th May 2018 18:23

Yes it will have to be a Q plate, but as long as it is road legal and I can drive it, I don't mind! after all the work what does it matter its just numbers and letters.

JG 31st May 2018 07:07

Very interested to see progress on this. Love a scratch built car. Also nice to see a healthy attitude towards a Q plate. I could never see the problem with a Q myself.

Paul L 31st May 2018 18:59


Originally Posted by JG (Post 95304)
...Love a scratch built car. Also nice to see a healthy attitude towards a Q plate...

+1 :cool:

It certainly looks & sound like you know what you are doing.

But good luck anyway, Paul. :)

keith 1st June 2018 06:29

Thanks I do a lot of research into each bit but probably over engineer everything as I normally work with wood.

keith 1st June 2018 19:47

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Just found time to add more pic of work I have done over the last 6 months so almost up to date, started the body work had to cut bulkhead d in half and widen by 70mm to bring wheel arches out! alter one thing alter all. Also fitted angle around the floor to give me something to fix the engine tunnel to and a prop catcher. Also made up a frame to carry front of fenders, most parts are just tacked in place and will be fully welded when all fitted and works.Attachment 5267

Attachment 5268

Attachment 5269

Attachment 5270

keith 3rd June 2018 21:04

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Managed to get a good day and a half on car this weekend and have started framing the roof so good progress.
Got an image in my head of where I want to go from a Morgan's April fools seen on line, so this will be my take on it I hope.Attachment 5274

Attachment 5275

Attachment 5276

Attachment 5277

Attachment 5278

keith 10th June 2018 20:23

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Kept looking at the roof and could not make my mind up it looked like a 2CV so have re jigged it with moor curves, changed the back window and built a sun shield. I think this might work? just need to finish all the rails.Attachment 5283

Attachment 5284

Attachment 5285

Attachment 5286

Attachment 5287

redratbike 11th June 2018 18:25

Great work

keith 30th June 2018 20:24

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Not got to much done over the last 3 /4 weeks keep looking at the roof still some thing not quite right so bit the bullet and chopped the roof down by a 100mm I am a lot happier with it now. So have started the bonnet side frames today.Attachment 5348

Attachment 5349

Attachment 5350

Attachment 5351

Attachment 5352

Dpaz 9th August 2018 15:56

Any progress? This is an awesome build.

keith 9th August 2018 18:30

Hi thanks not much done over the last 4/6 weeks with work and other commitments but hope to have some done soon

keith 27th August 2018 19:38

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Managed to get all the framing done now and have started with some of the panels. I Have decided to bond the panels on and joggle the joints and will put in some small counter sunk pop rivets in as required, to hold the joints. The panels are in 1mm mild steel I have sanded the backs and cleaned with acetone then bonded with ever build sticks all extreme. So hope this will do the trick.

Attachment 5451

Attachment 5452

Attachment 5453

Attachment 5454

Attachment 5455

Dpaz 27th August 2018 20:11

Looking really good. It is a shame how work and other trivialities interfere with real life!

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