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andysharrock 22nd February 2016 11:23

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Originally Posted by oxford1360 (Post 75250)
Andy, can you explain how you did the top bonnet louvres?

Are they stainless and glassed in?

I used the engine side panels to make a mould to reproduce the louvre.
for anyone that has not made fibreglass moulds they are very easy providing they are not to intricate.

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Attachment 3254
step 1,
your part needs to be as clean and smooth a possible find a good release agent and apply over the part. I use a PVA one looks a bit like washing up liquid drys pritty quick. use a form paint brush to get a good smooth Finnish anything you can see now you will see when its finished so do it right no runs.

your PVA is now dry so cut your fibre glass matting to size so your ready , I used CSM 650g 3 layers will give you around 5mm thick when finished. you can use a surface matting if you need to get into detailed parts.

now apply a gel coat give it a good covering on top of the pva it dose not need to look good a but try for a even thickness. I find thicker is better if you need to sand it latter you will not cut through the gel coat. but it will chip easy

step4, wait 10 min your gel coat should now be tacky to the touch mix your resin and apply on top of the gel coat first then start to layer matting resin matting it should be almost translucent when you have finished.

step5, your mould will dry to a mat Finnish when its ready to remove the more intricate the mould the harder it will be to release it. make some wooden wedges and work your way around it knock them in around the edge between the joint it will pop. wash off the PVA with clean water and away you go.

Attachment 3255

Attachment 3256

I am no pro at this its mostly been trail and error and utube so feel free to chip in if I am saying something wrong

smash 22nd February 2016 11:23

Always fancied a rod but never had the bottle to buy one - looking forward to see the finished product. Jon Golding is not far up the road from me - every so often I see one of his creations about!

andysharrock 27th February 2016 17:28

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bit more work started,I did look at cycle wings but the did not look right with the ruining boards so I came up with this. bit of a blue peter moment some hardboard tin foil flexible tube and gaffa tape.
Attachment 3265
Attachment 3266
the tin foil will stop it sticking so in the morning they will pull off

Attachment 3267
Attachment 3268
Attachment 3269

should look the part with some trimming and a other days work

hurnleft 27th February 2016 18:51

Excellent thread, thanks for sharing.

andysharrock 27th February 2016 19:12

thanks glad someone is interested

molleur 27th February 2016 19:28

Quite the innovative method. Love it when someone is not afraid
to try something. Prepare for more sanding than you may have anticipated. May be worthwhile to make quickie light molds for the fenders to get a nice part. Good job!

Paul L 3rd March 2016 06:44


Originally Posted by andysharrock (Post 75501)
thanks glad someone is interested

Andy - Sorry I haven't replied earlier, but I am loving' your work on this build. :cool:

It is also good to see it getting a positive reaction over on 'Rods 'n' Sods' too.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Roadster 4th March 2016 21:46

Hi Andy
Front fenders are looking good.
I saw this and thought of you

andysharrock 5th March 2016 09:46

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it may not be everyone's cup of tea but that floats my boat, can you not give me any more ideas I am already in the dog house for going rat look
you could spend a hour looking at the rat spotting all the little tweeks not so with a high polish trailer queen.

Attachment 3291

I have just extended the rear fenders to the bottom of the tub now thinking I should cut them back get some rubber showing :playball:
my garage is calling me thick with snow going to be a cold one

smash 5th March 2016 10:16

100% with you on rat rod look - did you see Hurley's hot rod vw pick up from last year with creosoted wood? Looked the bollocks!

Roadster 5th March 2016 18:14


Originally Posted by smash (Post 75740)
100% with you on rat rod look - did you see Hurley's hot rod vw pick up from last year with creosoted wood? Looked the bollocks!

Yeah this is a great rod and local to me
Some of the guys in our buggy group have used his workshop

EL PRIMER 5th March 2016 19:45

I do rather like the Volksrods with the front beam mounted further forward ..loads of examples on the 'net ..chopped saloons , coupes , pickups etc. Very innovative.

andysharrock 6th March 2016 19:35

my first car was a bug, vw dubs get under your skin I have owned two beetles and currently have a splitscreen and a T5. The remaped T5 has to be one of the best drives I have had in a van. I have bolted the same engine in the back of my splitty I will Finnish it one day

andysharrock 6th March 2016 19:58

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its been a busy weekend I now have a full pedal box with breaks and steering and a heater getting posh now,lol
I ply lined the inside of the fire wall with 18mm wpb to give it some strength I figured as I will be bolting things to it it made sense to bond it on.
the steering was a pain in the backside to get right but I got there in the end.

Attachment 3307

Attachment 3306

the pedal box and servos are all mx5 it was a squeeze to get them in but I figure when the new gear box is fitted with the adapter plate the engine will move forward 2" that will give me the clearance.

Attachment 3308
the servo was originally piped up on the right but I flipped the bracket and re-piped it on the left to give more room and make life easier

the new to me RX8 gearbox and freshly made prop shaft waiting to be fitted
Attachment 3309
last job for the day I have glassed the air vents onto the back of the dashboard,the heater unit is Austin mini just happen to have one easy to fit and pipe up makes a change
Attachment 3310

andysharrock 3rd April 2016 21:00

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well I have been beavering away it dose not look like I have done anything but most of the wiring is now back in and the car starts off the key now. I got fed up with things falling through the floor so I made up the the gear box tunnel and boarded over the floor with 18mm ply
Attachment 3384
I love this stuff aluminium foil tape self adhesive covers anything and the fibre glass dose not stick to it.
Attachment 3385
after a coat of glass
Attachment 3386
the day after you can see all I use was a bit of hard board sprung between to battens
Attachment 3387
trim and edge and ready for fitting
Attachment 3388

gear box is now fitted the dash is bonded in after some serious trimming down the dials were hitting the cross bar at the rear so it all had to be moved up
what a bugger.
other jobs done the wings are now bonded to the rest of the body and the doors have been rehung the correct way around . taking shape slowly

hurnleft 3rd April 2016 21:07

Excellent progress, look forward to seeing it complete.

ned 4th April 2016 10:10

Why did you not have the suicide doors ? Gary

andysharrock 4th April 2016 10:28

it could have just been that room is tight because the cars in the garage, but with the steering wheel fitted I found it a pain to get in and out. also the door did not hang to well, it has to hang right there's nothing worse. andy

ned 4th April 2016 13:22

Its coming along really well, i agree about the doors got to be right,will see you at Stoneleigh,i still haven't done the headlining in the GTO yet running out of time lazy bugger. Gary

andysharrock 15th May 2016 20:00

back on rod
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well back on rod so here we go again update time got the gearbox fitted and bought a high torque starter so I would not need to cut too much out of the Mazda box. The plate married the engine to gearbox well but the problem was the p9cyoplates adapter was miles out for the starter and I do mean miles out.
Attachment 3522

Attachment 3523

so I had to grind down the edge of the starter then re-drill the holes to move it by about 15mm good job the plates only mild steel, still took me a full day to work out what was going on but now starts off the key.
spent most of yesterday trying to bleed the mx5 clutch master servo I can not get the air out of it, had a look on the web its a known problem to bleed so I will revisit it when I stop swearing at it.
working on the body today in the sun made some changes to the sills and trimmed the back wheel arches.

Attachment 3526

need to look at the bonnet again not happy with the fit so going to cut it up and rework it next job.

Attachment 3524
Attachment 3525

I am off work in a few weeks so hope to have it driving soon, sometimes everything you touch is hard work.

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