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waynesworld 23rd February 2014 14:10

Is the IVA going to stopped ?
Hi all, i must have the best wife in the world, i have a large work area to mess with cars but non of it is or can be built on. So T has said i can convert the conservatory into a garage and extend it into the workshop o have behine id to give me a large work area of 22 x 10 with side room for a work bench etc :):):)

Now before i go and to decide on a build, i wanted to go and to a buld from scratch, and a 4x4 type, although not that bothered, but what i ma bothered about is if by time i have bult it will the IVA still be around as i have heard it is going to be changed to such a thing it will be even more difficult to get a car legal, not as if it is hard as it is.

If i can find out roughly when it will be changed it will help me decide what to build as the 4x4 will be a long time project towards a kit car build as it will be a one off.


scimjim 23rd February 2014 14:18

Where did you hear that IVA was being scrapped?

waynesworld 23rd February 2014 14:26

Just on a kitcar forum i am on, it was said soon they plan to sell off IVA , Vosa etc. Probably to some foreign concern.
just want to know if this is on the cards or just gossip.

scimjim 23rd February 2014 14:31

VOSA is a government agency so it could be privatised (like the MOT computer system was) but it would still have to carry out the inspections mandated by the government ("MOT" and BIVA etc) - you can't "sell" an inspection that's required by EU law.

Edit - VOSA has just been merged with DSA to form the DVSA.

waynesworld 23rd February 2014 14:34

So that means all is good to go and there isnt any plans ahead for the IVA?

Just been looking again at the Tribute type builds, which are very nice and as we know no IVA then.

scimjim 23rd February 2014 14:46

Never say never - but any major changes will normally be publicised and discussed.

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