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Dpaz 1st February 2016 21:35

Old engines and IVA
I have just been told by a bloke in the pub (unimpeachable source, maybe) that old Xflow ,pinto, A&B ser etc can no longer be used in a new build requiring IVA . Because of emissions. Is this so?

AcC8braman 2nd February 2016 09:33

Deffo not.

As long as you can prove the age of the engine, it will be tested on the higher settings - ie will not need CATS

My car has a Chevy V8 dated 1990 and just gave in a copy of the V5 from the donor :)

peterux 2nd February 2016 10:59

ACC8BRAMAN is correct, you can fit any engine and the exhaust emissions test is described in section 02B of the IVA manual.
However, you must be able to prove the age of the engine and VOSA will be looking for some documentation from the engine manufacturer. This may be difficult for older engines from Ford as I'm not sure they will help.
BMW customer service (and maybe others) will provide you with a letter for their engines but I don't know if Ford do the same.

Dpaz 2nd February 2016 11:18

Cheers chaps ,sorted. Though I won't convince my man.

deggsy 7th February 2016 15:21

For fords you can use the burton sales mag as they are all listed in there.

It was accepted for the SVA on my seven. I don't think it has changed for the IVA

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