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126 16th October 2016 09:16

dvla advice
hi everybody, im sure this sort of question gets asked alot

Ive purchased a kit car, its based on a fiat 126, ive just finished doing some restoration work on it and found the log book is still of the donor car

surprisingly ive got all the paper work from new stating it was bought and then built in 1992, would this need a full iva/sva?

contacted the dvla they've said it could just need a mot and then some forms filling in (been given about 4) and photographic evidence to have the log book altered

AcC8braman 17th October 2016 07:40

Correct, if you have that evidence, it will not need an IVA - talk more with the DVLA to get the correct forms.

NeilF355 17th October 2016 08:41

My understanding is that you will need evidence that the car was on the road, in it's present form, prior to the introduction of the SVA / IVA. If you have that then it should just be a paperwork exercise to change your logbook.

I would also have a close look at the manufacturer and description on your current log book. I have heard of instances where, for example, for a kit car using a Ford Cortina donor car, the DVLA have acknowledged that it now looks completely different by simply changing the description on the logbook to Ford Cortina Sports.

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