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lancelot link 1st November 2016 18:25

New project - formosa spyder
Taking into account what I am starting with and , obviously , not wanting to post this on the S*mmio site ...I thought it would be ok to start the thread here and update it as and when I can get stuff done ....If admin want to move it to General chat or Tribute object ...thats cool .....

I took delivery of my starting point this morning ...A 2/3 section of a Miglia Speedster with single door skins , no bonnet , no dash and no headrest and a Cordite bulkhead section.

I'm going to glass the doorskins in place to re-cut door apertures once the rear wings have been modified and made symmetrical , correcting the cockpit and door length issues as well ....the body is going to be widened slightly and rear wings plumped up a bit in the process .. Headrest will be added after and a separate bootlid ....

Bulkhead will be a permanent fixture and a flip front created from a re-vamped Z300 bonnet with altered grille aperture and modified to flip like a D type leaving the lower rear section of the front wing in place ...portholes will be removed and a vent put in their place ...

redratbike 1st November 2016 21:52

Woo hoo!

Roadster 1st November 2016 23:31

looking forward to this Garry

Paul L 2nd November 2016 20:09

Looking forward to seeing how you put all these different pieces together.

What donor car are you going to use?

Good luck, Paul. :)

lancelot link 14th November 2016 18:04

I found myself free for a few hours today , so made a start on the new body.

I have decided to keep the cockpit position the same as the S*mmio , avoiding the need to move the bulkhead , pedals , stretch steering and gearstick etc...The original concept work well , so why change it ?

The bonnet will be stretched back to the screenline to give it a longer look on the front without changing too much . The nose will be slightly longer than a S*mmio helping give a long nose look too .

I'm starting with a Miglia / Cordite body so I need to move the cockpit a bit but as the car is going to be a few inches wider and I am changing the cowl area and cockpit shape , moving the cockpit is not too bad a job ...

I have started on the pass. side rear wing and rear deck area ...the arch is being modified to give it a lower top lip and a slightly less round shape compared to the original ...The rear wing has been split along the flash line and the rear pulled out a few inches to take the pinched tail look away ...

I have started to fit the rear centre section of a D type to the rear as well , as I want to take the flatter rear panel look away and give this car a more curvaceous rear to match my intentions at the front a bit more ...It will need to be tied into the rear wings with a gentle , flowing curve ...

Its all looking a bit of a mess at the moment , but bear with me !!

front cowl has been cut away and a dash panel from a 356 is going to go in to give me a dash and short cowl area ...

I am hoping to get the panels glassed back together tomorrow and hopefully a bit of shape to the rear corner ...

when this corner is sorted , it will be templated and transferred to the other side to match it up ...

Paul L 14th November 2016 19:07

And so it begins…

Although I'm starting to get flashbacks already…

But what's that you say?


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 84233)
...when this corner is sorted , it will be templated and transferred to the other side to match it up ...

Matching sides you say?



Burn the witch! Burn him!


Jokes aside, I am sure this will look great when you have finished. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

striker1660 14th November 2016 19:52

hi gary,what wheel size are you assuming 15" x51/2?

lancelot link 14th November 2016 19:59

15'' , yes but around 5'' I think ...I'm making them a snuggish fit for a 15 , but not so large that the usual 14'' MGB can't still be used ...the bodies are going to be a few inches wider than a S*mmio , getting the wheels just slightly inboard from previously ....

the slightly wider body will compliment the rounder rear and longer nose ...hopefully !!

Influences are the slightly later Ferrari TRC's from 56/57 , Maserati's from the same era 200si . 300s etc and anything that resembles them ...

lancelot link 16th November 2016 19:03

Took a trip over to Tribute today and rummaged through their scrap 'glass pile for some bits and pieces ....Thank you will put a few hours in to the car again tomorrow and hopefully get the rear corner and rear deck a bit closer to looking something handy .....

lancelot link 18th November 2016 18:31

With the help of my mate , Glan , we got a bit more done this week ..a bit more work on the rear wing and rump area ...I really like the way we have fattened up the rear and given the rear end more of a curve ..We are concentrating on one side at a time ..

The rear has got to have a headrest added a bit later and a bootlid and aperture created , but the rear deck , created with a roofskin donated by Tribute is starting to look good ...

I have also re-cut the door aperture , removing the Cordite-like dogleg and shortening the door height a few inches , as I want a deeper sill area for the inner framework I have planned ..the front section of the body has been moved out an inch and the sill is starting to be re-shaped to join the rear section and lose the area where the body tucks in just in front of rear wing ...

The new dash section from a Porsche 356 has been temporarily fitted to hold the shell together ...

molleur 18th November 2016 20:59

Looks good already, big improvement. Thanks for the update.

lancelot link 18th November 2016 21:54

No worries ...I made a big decision today to keep the cockpit further back totally goes against what i said a few days ago , but the stretched rear was going to look too long if I centred the cockpit ..even cheating the bonnet wouldn't fix it enough for me ...I can't see me doing another body after this , they are quite pricey and time consuming to do I didn't want to compromise my vision for this one ..and I keep going back to the 'sat just in front of the rear wheels' scenario..

I have a very definite , simple idea for internal framing ..bodies will be flow coated inside to hide matt patterning and frames will be something like 40mm tube main body with 25mm tube bracing , all visible , so no cockpit lining ..

I have a simple solution for bulkhead re-positioning and will supply a steering extender if required and a stretched gear shifter that will be a bolt on replacement ...

Paul L 19th November 2016 15:15

Gary - The rear is shaping up very nicely. :cool:

I also like your deep sill door openings.

Which is in keeping with the Ferrari styling you mentioned before.

Does this also mean you will be able to have the doors "frame mounted" like the A352?

As that alway seemed like a better approach than the simple external hinges through fibreglass of the Cordite.

When I first read that you were widening the bodywork, I thought it was going to allow a cut donor underneath.
( Similar to the way the A352 keeps a large chuck of the Spitfire to avoid a full strip down. )

But if moving the bulkhead is an option, then I guess your build needs to start with just the rolling chassis?

Still, after looking at some photos of a Maserati 200 you are going to end up with a very nice looking kit. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

lancelot link 19th November 2016 18:14

PAUL , THANKS FOR PUTTING THE PICS UP ..I am having some issues with my photobucket account at the moment , not sure why , it logs me in but just returns to the log in page ..

Yes hinges will be attached to the internal frame ...The tubular bracing will be a feature of the car and not hidden away ..I have a local tube company lined up to make the side rails once I have patterned them ..rear frame will be remarkably similar to the rear of a S*mmio .
I really like the hinges on No. 47 , they look like late Spit boot hinges drilled ..I have some of those but not an unlimited supply , so will probably try and get a similar thing laser cut for me to use ..
Bootlid is looking like probably going to be a side mounted pin and latch affair to lift it off , rather than hinged ..I want to bootlid to climb into the headrest at the moment , but , as already proven , things change and develop along the way ..
Vents on the side will be a version of a Mistral styled vent ..
Bonnet is going to be a heavily modded Z300S bonnet I got from Tribute (thankyou) chopped , channeled , section , tweaked and fettled to create a flip upper section with less of a droopy nose and more of a Ferrari-esque grille like the 410s and 625 trc renderings ....

I wanted the shorter doors and upright A pillar to get away from the obvious Cordite and Miglia renderings which were based around Porsche 550 doors at the time as well as allowing me to use a prettier internal frame and bracing with the higher sill ....

lancelot link 19th November 2016 18:26

This pic probably shows the door aperture a bit better lower section created in foam skinned with fibreglass to give us a solid base to add filler to ...I have , today , added a similar amount of material to the front and rear upright shuts too by fibreglassing them and they wil be shaped up and filled to blend .. the idea is to have about a 3'' door shut , giving enough material to house a decent depth of door as well somewhere to bolt through into the frame and house a latch mech. as well ..

The pic also shows the straighter sill line that now doesnt tuck into the rear arch anymore ...

oxford1360 19th November 2016 19:57

Looking good, Gary.

molleur 19th November 2016 20:01

Nice work on the doors! Looking forward to more build pics.

Jeff H 20th November 2016 12:24

This should be very nice when done Gary,

Look forward to seeing it develop.

lancelot link 22nd November 2016 18:17

Here's some pics of a bit of work that Glan did on the car today ...

As the rear pass. wing is nearly finished and at a stage it could be patterned ...Glan has made some slice patterns and we transferred them to the otherside , so the drivers rear wing could be cut and moved outwards the same amount. About 10mm needs to be added to its height as well .

We also made the 3mm hardboard spacers that will give us an even 3mm gap around the new door panels .....

This picture also shows the slice pattern that will duplicate the rump curve to the drivers side too ....

lancelot link 24th November 2016 21:49

Glan had a day on the car today ... he cut the Miglia door to fit our new aperture and gapped it with the 3mm hardboard pieces I cut out for him ..The doors have a flat spot on the top , not as flat as the original S*mmio , but still flatter than I want on this body re-vamp Glan has tweaked them and bogged them up to have a much more appropriate roll to them from top to bottom ...I decided I didn't want the door to end at the cockpit edge without any detail a slightly raised radius has been introduced to that edge ..I'll take some pics tomorrow ...and the sides of the cockpit now have a curve to them when viewed from , front , rear or above as opposed to the straight sides on the originals will show it better than I can describe ...

I found a few hours to glass , foam and fill the drivers side rear valance area and make a start for Glan to shape it up using the slice patterns ...hopefully tomorrow should see the rear wing sections shaped up a bit and I want to find the time to re-position the rear arch and reshape it on the drivers side to match whats been done on the opposite rear wing ...

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