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cutro74 12th December 2016 15:40

Lamborghini Miura Mirage kit
Hi all,
very new to forums not sure how to use them, hope you can help and thanks for your time
I m trying to find information for the mirage kit car for a friend in Italy who just bought it in a uk auction
How can i find out the year the kit was made? who is holding the database serial numbers so we get as much information as we can to register it correctly in italy
The Current V5 states the date of when the cars was assembled in 2014 but this makes it very expensive to register it in Italy, not sure what other documentation we have with the car, we will probably find out on Thursday
Can you please help?

redratbike 12th December 2016 18:49

Did mirage make a Miura? I know prova,lamberti did and these guys below

parallel Designs
Liongate Enterprise Park
Morden Road Unit 9
Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4PH

cutro74 12th December 2016 20:45

Not sure how these guys would help, do they own Mirage kits database?
Mirage went busted in 2002 i think, so not sure i can get some infos now

smash 17th December 2016 17:20

If it's the green v6 front engined Miura them it's a Cheetah. Mirage never made a Miura replica.

redratbike 18th December 2016 20:14

Yep that's what I was alluding to mirage didn't make a muira

AcC8braman 19th December 2016 20:50

Prova did them too

smash 29th December 2016 09:57 - these guys are offering turn key Miura replicas based on Boxster @ 55k. I spoke to them at Stoneleigh - the guy behind it built the orange quad turbo Diablo spider and is an absolute stickler for details (every screw head was aligned horizontally on his number plate FFS!). Sounds a lot but they use many original parts and bottom line, no one else is doing them since Parallel Designs vanished. 3.4S powered Miura would be very nice!

Munky 29th December 2016 23:04

Wow - wish there was a way to bring one of those Stateside.
Having imported a kit and looked into different cars, it doesn't seem very likely :(

smash 30th December 2016 12:51

Everything is possible - prepare for a long but fascinating read!!
The car was sold about a year ago if I recall

molleur 30th December 2016 14:34

V-8 Archie is retired and residing in Las Vegas now.

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