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andysharrock 17th May 2020 16:35

z3 wipers playing up would not turn off now nothing
it started on saturday drove the car out of the garage left in running for a while and the wipers turned themselves on. checked the stalk it was in the off position faster speed worked but would not turn off. this morning same again on so checked a few connections then they stopped working. all fuses ok so tomorrow the fun begins trying to work out what the cause could be:eusa_wall:. found a good link may help someone with a 1998 car same as mine

Lucky@LeMans 17th May 2020 17:29

The link will be useful to an auto electrician. I've just flicked through 20 pages and my brain is fried !

I know the wiper module can become faulty, that is a standard issue on the Z3.

andysharrock 17th May 2020 19:00

yep seems a common fault if you google it although it's a first for me ,just need to find it my car is a 1998 .some threads say above glove box it could also be the relay .will look into tomorrow

andysharrock 18th May 2020 17:13

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sorted it was the relay dose help having another z3 parked on the drive. I checked some of the earths that could cause it and found that the power supply to the seat was shorting wet carpets again. So I have pulled all the fuses that are now not needed roof seats etc . going to use the live feed to the seat to feed my DRL vier a switch so I can turn them off. next job
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