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alackofspeed 1st November 2007 12:07

F.A.O - Ric H - Type R SVA weights

I'm in the midst of applying for my SVA test. Could you be so kind as to let me know what weights you quoted on your SVA application form.



SDMC001 1st November 2007 17:15


I have on my SVA certificate 450 KG front, 500 rear, gross weight 900KG.


craig 1st November 2007 17:15

I'm sure Rich had something like 400/600 as I remember us taliking about it at lladlow being a tonne, sure he will clarify

Also think he said when weighed his car was 720kg if my memory serves me correct

alackofspeed 1st November 2007 20:08

Cheers for the input chaps.

Steve - It'll be interesting to see what Rich's value are, and how they compare to your k-series car.

Ric H 1st November 2007 21:46

On advice from Marlin I quoted axle 1 500kg, axle 2 550kg, MGVW 1050kg.
Seemed to work!

Actual axle weights measured at SVA were iirc 320 front, 420 rear (full-ish tank of fuel, but not including me...)

Good luck!

alackofspeed 1st November 2007 22:04


DavidH 2nd November 2007 19:50


Originally Posted by SDMC001 (Post 9558)
I have on my SVA certificate 450 KG front, 500 rear, gross weight 900KG.

OK stupid question and I'm sure this is just me being thick:fish: but how does this compare to the 550kg quoted by Marlin for a k-series build or is it like the estimated budget and build time e.g. on the very optomistic side.

Ric H 3rd November 2007 10:04

Take Marlin's figures for most things with a pinch of salt!

Remember the actual measured weight of the car can be considerably less than the quoted axle design weights and maximum gross weight (which are used by the brake system calculations at SVA to govern acceptable brake effort).
I ended up with an unladen weight on the SVA scales (we'll assume Marlin are quoting without fluids or fuel!) of about 720kg for the Type-R car. I reckon if I was a complete weight nazi during the build, and didn't fit various options (additional panelling etc) I could probably have got the Type-R car down to about 680kg, which probably means the smaller K-series builds could achieve about 630kg, realistically.

Rich (Bigrich) has built a pretty stripped-out K-series version. What was your measured weight at SVA Rich?

Richard 3rd November 2007 15:15

Mine is 482KG without body pannels or aero fitted with a 42/58 split at the moment will be 45/55 when finished though and set up.

SDMC001 4th November 2007 15:59


Mine at SVA on the scles was about 820 K as with me in it and a full tank 5 gals. The figure arounf the 700 ish mark must be some where near right if thats the case.


marlinturbo 6th November 2007 09:02

Just for the records, my T16 Turbo was 720 kg.

Which is good news...the Honda boys are almost identical weight to the T16 turbo boys...

DavidH 6th November 2007 19:58

Doesnt sound like theres too much of a weight penalty for using the Turbo or the Type-R engines over the K-series, interesting. Certainly means I need to try and make mine as lean a build a possible.

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