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alackofspeed 19th February 2008 09:22

Rear Wing
Now Iím through the SVA and can merrily fit all manner of sharp edges to the car, Iím quite keen to add a subtle wing, to finish off the lines of my car Ė Iíve never liked the way the back end drops away, and always thought a subtle spoiler (similar to that on the Javan) is required.

Looking around, the options seem pretty limited, with most wings looking like something youíd see bodged to the back of a knackered old cavalier, alongside a biscuit tin sized exhaustÖ. Not quite what Iím after!

If youíve fitted a wing, what have you got, have you any pictures, and where did you get it from?



Ex-Biker 19th February 2008 14:27

I guess something like this would be nice:

craig 19th February 2008 17:15


Originally Posted by Ex-Biker (Post 10916)
I guess something like this would be nice:

You really do love that car:biggrin:?? each to their own and all that but every time I see it, it reminds me of my toilet bowl after a night on the curry.

I will watch this thread with interest as it's close to my heart, having spent months trying to find a wing like the javan's, even going as far as asking him to sell me one haha

this is more like it

alackofspeed 19th February 2008 17:54

The Avocet does not do it for me.

limpabit 19th February 2008 18:32

A while back I was looking at the motoriced spoilers

But seem too expensive now and no sign of there web site Maybe gone bust????

Or here

Ex-Biker 20th February 2008 08:08

Halfords were selling the one used on the Javan.

It is a standard universal spoiler.

craig 20th February 2008 09:13


Originally Posted by Ex-Biker (Post 10940)
Halfords were selling the one used on the Javan.

It is a standard universal spoiler.

Please put a linky up for it on their online shop as I have looked at all the ones at halfords!
During a conversation with ages ago I was told the Javan spoiler was carbon fibre with billet ali custom mounts......and when you look at the photos the mounts certainly look very very custom and costly. Most of the spoilers I looked at when searching were 52 inch long which the javan isn't and it has a small curvature

alackofspeed 20th February 2008 10:11

The mounts certainly look custom on the Javan wing, however I figured if I could get a wing of similar proportions, I could easily get the mounts made - I'm told, though I've not tried it, that fairly low grade aluminium plate can be worked on with a router. Failing that, I'll get my friend to knock something up on his 5-axis milling machine.

craig 20th February 2008 10:14

John, the width of the javan spoiler is 45 inch I did find one last year which I thought was more or less the same but it's £800 without mounts

alackofspeed 20th February 2008 10:21

£800 - no chance of me buying that. In some ways I don't want a wing, as it's weight and drag! Certainly no rush, so I'll wait and see if I find something by chance.

BIG_Fella 20th February 2008 16:56

How about something like this
It can be cut to the lenght required

Ex-Biker 22nd February 2008 10:56

What about these:

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