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5exiAdam 28th July 2009 16:24

Suspension Bushes for 135 a set delivered
I have managed to source poly suspension bushes as a set of 16 for 135 delivered.

Bushes are race compund.

I am having first set delivered tomorrow.

Price inc vat.

Anyone want some?

alackofspeed 28th July 2009 17:32

32 "top hats"? What hardness polyurethane?

5exiAdam 28th July 2009 21:20

They are cotton reel, not top hat. Hardness to check tomorrow but 90 whatever the unit is rings a bell.

Bear with me though because i think i have made a mathematical error with the price. I'm cr#p without a calculator! :o)

If i have it right, they are less than half the cost of Marlin!

they will be delivered to me on thursday. Pics will follow after i go for my maths lesson!


5exiAdam 29th July 2009 08:13

They do two different hardness grades

85 Shore (Hard) and 65 Shore (Soft!)

Hope this helps

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