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Psycho pops 10th February 2012 12:43

Obligatory photo thread
On the MR2 engine conversion forum it was always obligatory to take a photo of yourself standing in the engine bay once you've got the old 4pot out.
Perhaps we should start something similar and every new builder has to add a pic of them sitting in just their bodyshell on the drive
OK Dave here it is ,

froggyman 10th February 2012 12:50

You forgot the steering wheel. Lol !!

Patton 10th February 2012 14:30

mmmmmmmm two wheels!!! Bike license?

tlrtone 10th February 2012 15:11

I like the nose-down look!

jmc14 10th February 2012 20:58

Are you 7 foot tall? Or sitting on a milk crate?

I wish that my body would clear customs so that i can sit in it and pretend.....

Psycho pops 10th February 2012 22:27

Actually I'm stood upright....

jmc14 10th February 2012 22:59

OK, I feel like an idiot! LOL

tlrtone 13th February 2012 20:16

1 Attachment(s)
Okay, here we go.....

Attachment 506

(wait for the pussy jokes....) :nono:

Dunno what happened. Here is a right way up one!

froggyman 14th February 2012 15:36

Overseas sales have reached Australia as well I see!!!!

The 1958 Rocker 25th March 2012 09:48

OK Pops, nice photo, one of me in the donor chassis on the way shortly for a "before and after" photo shoot soon. Absolutely love the trailor, is it a caravan chassis? Perfect accompaniment for any Sammio, and certainly I will have to copy your photo for inspiration if I may pleeeease?

Mister Towed 25th March 2012 10:05

Suppose I'd better join in the fun with my Cheshire Cat impression -

Paul L 23rd June 2012 15:11

Allow me to add the first Cordite arrival photos to this thread...

Cheers, Paul. :)

Mister Towed 23rd June 2012 18:07

Nice pictures Paul. If you're standing up in the top one I think you're going to need to raise the floor a bit so you can see out. :)

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