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craig 14th February 2010 20:03

New rear suspension setup?
Well it looks as though I will finally receive my parts from marlin soon for the rear setup!

With the new rear setup what exactly do I need to replace aswell?

Do I need diff rear discs etc?


limpabit 14th February 2010 20:09

Hi Craig.

You probably know, I had loads of problems with mine (and still need the lugs cut a rewelded for the caliper, only using half a pad). Also had the caliper hitting the lower wishbone. But apparently, I was fitting them wrong, but they could not explain how I was fitting them wrong (after seeing lots of pictures of how I fitted mine). So gave up speaking to Marlin about it.

If it's a similar setup to mine, then you will need Nissan Almeria GTI rear disks.

alackofspeed 15th February 2010 18:20

You'll quite possibly also need longer brake hoses.

Is this kit to replace the broken wishbone, or have you replaced the wishbone, and this is a further upgrade?

craig 15th February 2010 19:41

Replacing broken wishbone! Really hope I don't have to change much as been told direct swap! Although I do remember johns issues!

alackofspeed 15th February 2010 20:27

Are you using the ZR160 rear calipers and discs at the moment? 260mm non-vented discs? When I looked into the Marlin option, I needed to use the lesser spec 240mm disc compatible calipers, with the almera discs.

craig 15th February 2010 22:04

Yup currently zr160 calipers! Will just hope they will fit as new house is taking all my cash this year!

alackofspeed 15th February 2010 22:10

I think i've got a pair of the smaller calipers in the garage.

If you do find you need them, you can have them if you arrange a courier.

craig 15th February 2010 22:27

Cheers john! That's much appreciated, will drop you a text if I need them!

craig 18th February 2010 19:19

Does anyone know which rear bearings I need to buy or part numbers for the new rear setup?


alackofspeed 18th February 2010 20:32

If the new suspension uses the rover drive flanges (which it must do if John is using rover parts), it must be standard rover 200/25 bearings.

limpabit 19th February 2010 05:23

Yeah I used my origional bearings from the original hub(Rover). They had only done 900 miles before going into new hub so just reused them.

nutter 19th February 2010 08:11

Whilst your on this subject this seems relevant to post here :)

My new build uses the Rear bearing from Rover, with a VAG drive plate.

If your doing a new build with a VAG donor, the VAG drive plate needs machining down a little to fit with the new rear upright.
The spindle needs a little skimming of it (in the region of 0.5 mm) and the plate itself needs thinning so that alignment of the calipers is correct.

Contact Marlin if you need the mod doing.


DavidH 21st February 2010 22:49

if its the same as mine.. not sure it is though. You will also need to make new brackets for the handbrake cables. the Marlin ones wouldnt fit between the upright and the caliper, in fact I even had to fettle the caliper marginally.

Not sure what disks I'm using just know they are not rovers as they wouldnt fit so Mark had to replace them with something else, but they have lost the paperwork to be able to tell me what so will have to measure and work it out from a catalogue if I ever need to replace them.

limpabit 13th March 2010 06:04

Hi Craig.

Keep us posted how you get on.

Upon further investigation (Ian and John D said the same thing), the arc of the Nissan disc is too big for the Rover caliper. That's why mine is only using half the pad. The hub lugs and carriers cannot be alter to compensate. The only idea for mine at present is maybe Nissan calipers for the rear and redo the lugs.

bigrich 14th March 2010 19:56

Rear Discs / calipers?
My advice....if your rear disc / caliper setup is only using 1/2 the pad then bin it PDQ.

Any mod that effectively compromises your disc / pad contact area is a big no no. this setup as Marlin advise?.... I can't see how they could possibly market a setup like this?


craig 14th March 2010 21:10

Will do john! Only just delivered yesterday finally!
Fully expect them to just fit otherwise I will be on the phone as I'm not prepared to chuck anymore money away

This aside the quality of the product compar3d to my original setup is very noticeably improved

alackofspeed 14th March 2010 23:46


Originally Posted by bigrich (Post 18440)
My advice....if your rear disc / caliper setup is only using 1/2 the pad then bin it PDQ.

Any mod that effectively compromises your disc / pad contact area is a big no no. this setup as Marlin advise?.... I can't see how they could possibly market a setup like this?



John's is, in terms of caliper / disc contact area, exactly the same as the blue Marlin demonstrator I saw a couple of years ago, so it's fair to say John's is as Marlin intended.

The situation is that the Nissan disc is 260mm dia, and the intended Rover calipers are for a 240mm dia disc. The disc's outer surface is as close as it can reasonably be to the caliper carrier, and thus the disc can't be fully inserted into the caliper, because the disc bottoms out against the carrier, before the whole pad is able to cover the disc.

Putting a 260mm rover caliper on won't help, as the lugs are too far out. Ideally the lugs need moving toward the centre of the hub, and a caliper designed for 260mm used.

I could probably explain the above with a picture far better, but I'm too lazy to sketch anything up at the moment.

limpabit 15th March 2010 06:12

Sorry for the thread hijack Craig.

When I decided to go for the updated rear end, I decided to go the whole hog. Top and bottom wishbones (bottom one was damaged in accident), hub tie rods etc. With the standard Rover calipers and Nissan Almeria (258mm)read discs.

Before I noticed the half a pad problem, I had the problem of the caliper fouling the bottom wishbone.

Here's one of many pictures I sent to Marlin explaining the problem. Trying to explain where it was fouling.

Know after many emails and conversations with Mark, and repeated requests for pictures of there setup, none forthcoming, I was told I'm fitting them wrong (two carriers bolts). But could not be explained what I was doing wrong. I ended up ending conversations as I was getting nowhere with Marlin and swapping the hubs from side to side. Then fitting the calipers on the rear on the hub.

I know of another builder that had the same problem and something had to be altered by Marlin.

I've been using the half a pad setup know for 1300 miles so far.

In the long term, I'm going to go for the full front and back TD setup. Or experiment with the Nissan calipers maybe.

craig 6th May 2010 20:09

Well after today i'm in a postion where everything is now stripped off!

Just waiting for new bearings!

Question is has anyone actually tried fitting zr 160 calipers on the rear with the new setup??


alackofspeed 6th May 2010 20:33

Craig, they'll fit, but the outer radius of the pads will be at least 10mm from the edge of an almera disc, in fact it's probably more, as the 240mm caliper has quite a section of pad that doesn't contact the disc.

Is there any way you could create some mounting holes nearer the axle, to enable the 260mm caliper to fit, and the pad fully contact the disc?

As an aside, the piston on the 240mm caliper is smaller than on the 260mm, so your brake bias will move forward with the 240mm caliper.

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