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limpabit 9th March 2010 21:53

Elise seats without subframes.
Hi everyone.

I've got someone selling some seats without the subframes. Can I mount the seats without them or do I need them for the Marlin.

Not seen the underside of Elise seats.

alackofspeed 10th March 2010 12:54

The passenger seat wouldn't be too much bother, as it doesn't move.

The driver's seat will be more awkward, unless you're happy to fix the seat location.

Chris Cussen 10th March 2010 13:51

Without seeing the underside of the seats its a bit hard to say but:

You could get some seat runners from just about any motorsport shop that sells seats. Usually with a bit of square section tubing, nuts, bolts and washers it isn't too difficult to come up with some method of fixing the seats to the runners and the runners to the floor.

Make sure its sturdy and spread the load, your life depends on it.

limpabit 10th March 2010 16:31

I want them adjustable so runners it is I need really. But there like hens teeth.
Need to make a decision soon. Asked a few breakers.

craig 12th March 2010 21:06

John I have sold 2 lots of subframes and a pair of seats in the past and subframes on their own fetch good money think mine went for about 110 ish


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