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craig 2nd February 2012 22:53

Hi all its been a while!
Hi everyone it's been a long long time since I was on here!!

Long story but I had an oil pipe burst, sprayed the manifold and er well the rest you can imagine.....that was I think 2 summers ago!

Longshot is I lost the rear clam!

I have spent all the time since renovating another house so had no spare cash to sort the clam, lights etc

Anyway I'm looking at getting it back on the road and was wondering before I contact marlin does anyone know the cost of the rear clam?


eaa53 3rd February 2012 20:18

Rear Clam
I paid close to a grand for a front clam inc vat and I collected it myself as well.

Talk to Jono and spend a bit of money on a custom built rear. The bit I feel that's let down the look of the whole car.

Did you get any quality time driving the car?


limpabit 5th February 2012 08:38

Good to hear from you again Craig. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I bought the rear clam with the body kit, so can't answer you question on cost.

JONORacing 5th February 2012 11:02

I might be able to assist but depends on your budget, feel free to give me a call and we can discuss a few options.

07500 861193

craig 7th February 2012 19:10


John c,
Yes I used it for about 18 months or 1500 miles....have not contacted marlin yet, will drop them an email I think!
1k is prob what I expected as I paid 500 for a side panel

John l,
Hope the vag conversion is still going strong? I never got round to the rear brakes im afraid....still using zr 160 discs and zr 160 calipers!
I wanted to use 160 discs with 160 calipers but normal carriers!
This setup fitted perfectly but the calipers caught on the suspension (only just though)

I have pm'ed you!

Regards all

limpabit 8th February 2012 06:05

Hi Craig.

My car too has been off the road really since mid August last year. Car was potent in a straight line, but needed the handling sorted out. But initially, I wanted the handbrake and calipers sorted out as it as a pain for the MOT. So went to TD. I too wanted to fit the ZR 160 carriers and calipers. Standard had always been using half a pad due to the hubs (I was fitting them wrong apparently).

Doing bits like rack (inner tie rod on passenger side worked out to be too short for TRE), UJ and chargecooler over winter

But the VAG conversion has been a success. Goes like stink once turbo kicks in. A puppy to drive round town. Except for the clutch, very stiff. Another project for another day.

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