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wayneb1408 14th October 2013 22:18

My mx5 based plug
Okay so im creating a new kit based on an mx5 donor. The kit will consist of a chassis and shell and then all the bits from an mx5.

Few shots of where we are at the moment. I will be changing a lot of the lines to create a totally new design.

garyh 15th October 2013 08:48

Nissan,Porsche,Tvr...looks good

Mitchelkitman 15th October 2013 23:02

Yep - looks good. As soon as the body sides get wider, does this give a problem with door hinge though? Unless doors remain narrow/gap to front wing ala TVR is retained won't there be a problem unless hinge line is moved out?

puma931 16th October 2013 18:05

Why not go down the bond on panel route like the MX250?
Cheaper, No IVA etc and the MX5 chassis is pretty good.

Mitchelkitman 16th October 2013 18:47

He's already doing that!

wayneb1408 16th October 2013 22:51

Problem of keeping it as a bolt on kit is i dont think i can get the car low enough to work well with the new body. The car in the picture is sitting on wooden blocks to get it that low. If i can get it low enough to work with the body conversion i would consider making it a bolt on kit. My thoughts at the moment though are to make a complete shell and chassis. See below this is the height it currently sits at. I have seen 75mm lowering kits for the MX5 but still would not be enough.

Mitchelkitman 19th October 2013 20:51

Can't you change the body (wheel clearance esp) to suit? Surely it wouldn't be a big issue, and would retain the suspension as standard.

wayneb1408 20th October 2013 18:16

Think the car will sit to high then and wont look right. Have seen 100mm drop kits so may go down that route and then lower the body slightly. 24th October 2013 08:58

a litlle rendering
1 Attachment(s)
I like it ,make it a bolt on Front and a glue on rear end with a simple
rollcage to prevent flex .I 'm interested.
Just put a few inches in the fender ,like in mine quick photoshop.

regards. theo

seanick 1st November 2013 23:16

The back is fine, to be honest, the front is not!

wayneb1408 18th March 2014 23:55

Please like and share

wayneb1408 1st April 2014 23:01

Wheel spacers for cosmetic design purpose these are just to get the wheels in the correct place not for road use.

wayneb1408 10th May 2014 17:24

Thought i would get out and do some today while i have some spare time. I have decided that i will be making this a bolt on kit for the mx5. Rear end will be a one piece clamshell with a removable targa top. Front end will be a bonnet, front wings and nose cone section as one and door skins. The front end will use all the original wing mounting points and the bonnet will use the original hinge points. Few shots of todays work.

garyh 11th May 2014 13:52

Like the door idea, only changing part of the original... you obviously like TVRs?

wayneb1408 11th May 2014 13:59

Gary. I do like TVR but when this is finished it will look nothing like a TVR. It will be a new kit not a replica of anything. Something new for the market.

garyh 11th May 2014 15:12

Just inspired... very nice.

wayneb1408 14th May 2014 22:42

So opinions on keeping it as a convertible with a custom tonuea cover. I will also be able to use the coupe roof to make a fastback.

wayneb1408 18th May 2014 20:29

Few shots in the sunshine today as it needed a wash. Wheels are spaced out but think i may go another 10mm. I will now be able to work out the correct offsets for the wheels that will be going on when finished. obviously still needs to be lowered. Thinking coilovers 60mm drop and may need to bring the arches down a bit and then it should sit right.

wayneb1408 31st May 2014 19:31

Lowered look anyone

Hammy 10th June 2014 15:44

Great looking project mate

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