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priceofhistoys 17th June 2018 22:06

What is it?
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Hey everyone. Someone posted this on my facebook page asking if anyone knows what it is. The car is in Australia . I have looked through the limited overseas info I have here and I cant come up with anything.

Anyone have any ideas?

oxford1360 17th June 2018 22:47

Looks similar to a Tornado M6. Definitely not a UVA.

priceofhistoys 17th June 2018 23:53

I did see the Tornado in a book I have but the side profile looks much different

redratbike 18th June 2018 06:48

Here’s some UVA pics to compare and dismiss

redratbike 18th June 2018 06:51


Lucky@LeMans 18th June 2018 19:26

Looks like a Coyote as seen on " Hardcastle & McCormick " TV show from the 80's.
Check out the intro on YouTube and you'll want one !!!!
The red UVA above is my old car after the new owner painted it, it was silver when I had it !

lancelot link 18th June 2018 21:00

I had a Manta Montage M6GTR replica years ago ...and that isn't one !! The Manta is a very pretty car ...

Lucky@LeMans 18th June 2018 21:18

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The Coyote on the TV show was a beetle based kit I think. the sound track for the show was dubbed Ferrari of some sort !
This is the car I'm thinking of......

lancelot link 18th June 2018 23:44

mine was a Beetle chassis up to about the rear of cockpit , then it had a box section subframe with a Renault 30 engine and box fitted ..... it was red yellow ..YOR 959J

oxford1360 19th June 2018 09:13

Gary will correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is that the original US-made Manta Montage was Beetle-based. This then developed into a number of variants that were part-Beetle.

UVA then started to sell the Montage in the UK as a Beetle-based kit and then developed their own space-framed, bespoke suspension (VW torsion bar rear) car - the M6 GTR which most commonly had a Rover V8 mated to a Renault transaxle box. I was invovled in the build of two of these in the late 80s - a silver one that is still owned by the same chap in Oxford, and a yellow one for two brothers from Suffolk.

The Cody Coyote was a VW Manta adapted for the TV show.

I don't know how the Tornado came about but it was more angular than the UVA offering. Does anyone know if it started life as a Montage?

lancelot link 19th June 2018 09:43

That all sounds about right ..... Mine was a bit of a hybrid was imported by a guy from the States as a VW based project car ...he put it together and the build was covered by one of the magazines at the time ...he was responsible for the Renault conversion ... I bought it after he had dis-assembled it and was re-doing it was rolling with drivetrain fitted but stripped otherwize ...I basically assembled it out of the box , not many changes .. ''registered'' it in the way we did back then ( LATE 80'S/EARLY 90'S ) and drove it a few times never ran right and I couldn't get on with the doors I kind of fell out of love with it ...
I think I paid about 2000 for it , spent about 500 on it ..lots of hours and sold it for 3500 and a really nice XJ6 SALOON ..

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