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tomboysexi 1st March 2005 22:20

Help required from all turbo builders
Hi everyone,

I am almost complete on my Turbo build, but have come across a real problem. It started when we had the car off the ground and someone started the engine, this resulted in the longer drive shaft being pulled out from the cv joint at the gearbox end.

I bought a replacement but they took the damaged one as part ex. So I was unable to check that the two were identical.

Now every time I move the car the shaft pops out from the hub cv joint. I have spoken with Mark who said that the position of the engine is critical. So I have moved it as far right as I can, but this is not enough.

Marlinturbo has told me he is having a mount changed to accomodate the problem and bring the shafts into a level plane.

Has anyone else got the same problem? Can anyone give me the total length of their shaft for comparison?

Regards to all builders


MikeN 2nd March 2005 14:29

Was just dying to post something funny concerning the last sentance of the above post.
But I resist.

Mike.N :eusa_angel:

Dan 2nd March 2005 14:59


Was just dying to post something funny concerning the last sentance of the above post.
But I resist.
:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Is this just a T16 turbo issue then. Or does it effect a K-Series car as well ?

limpabit 2nd March 2005 17:29

Re: Help required from all turbo builders

Originally Posted by tomboysexi

Can anyone give me the total length of their shaft for comparison?

Hi Trev.

I can measure my shaft off the car if that's any use? Is it from the end of the spline to end of spline you want the length?

RSM 2nd March 2005 17:39

Hope the info helped Trev.

Let me know the outcome


limpabit 3rd March 2005 16:26

I would like to know the outcome as well Trev.

tomboysexi 5th March 2005 09:59

All done
Just a Big thank you to all my fellow builders.

Young John has come up with the answer, I have been sold the wrong shaft!

Thanks for the support of all members.

Even Mark offered to come up and have a look at the problem! It was great just to have the offer!

I'll keep you all informed.

Regards Trev

holgate86 6th March 2005 18:49

So what shaft should you use Trev, I was told the 200 2.0 shafts are required for a turbo model, not the 800 as they would be too long. I am also having problems, I had noticed that the inner cv boot on the long shaft was at full stretch, I peeled back the boot and you could see the rollers half in and out. It concerned me at the time but I put it down to the design and maybe it would be ok. I read the problems you had and thought oh.
I have just driven the car on and off my driveway and guess what, the inner joint popped, needle rollers all over the place. I had to strip down suspension to release joint completely as it was jammed and I couldn't get it back into the garage.
I have spun the wheels up previously by the way with no problems. I read the instructions for installing engine and it says centralise, how far right does it have to be to stop this happening then, I am only about 20 to 30 mm from the chassis now. brian :eusa_pray:

tomboysexi 6th March 2005 20:09


This is it, I have now moved the engine so farr to the right that I am in danger of hitting the chassis.

I will be picking up my new driveshaft this week so I should be in a position to help more after next saturday.

I know this isn't any compensation but at least I know I am not alone in having this problem.

The new member merlinman is helping me and it was he that keeps saying that something is wrong.

I will stay in touch.


tomboysexi 7th March 2005 14:26

Is it just me!!!!!!
Hi everyone

Just been to miss driveshaft who tells me that I have the right shaft for the 420. I explained that this was actually 50 mm short and after a few phone calls I was advised that I must have a diesel.

Now I know I am no mechanic, or technical expert but I thought I would have known the car I had.

Anyway she is getting a 'Diesel' drive shaft in for me after 4 tomorrow...

Watch this space..


marlinturbo 8th March 2005 09:27


I reckon the shaft you showed me was not a turbo version. Your donor is identical to mine yet even the outer surface of your CV joints are different to mine.

I'm going to post this issue up on my mate's rovertech forum and get the definitive answer!

I'll be back...


limpabit 8th March 2005 18:46

Hi Trev.

If the place is local and they have the shafts in stock you can borrow mine so the shop can get it right. If that helps?

tomboysexi 9th March 2005 20:41

I have it
My word I am lucky to have so many friends at this site.

I collected the shaft from miss driveshaft last night, the position was this.

She had my original shaft, the so called turbo shaft that keeps popping and a 'diesel' shaft all laid out on the counter. When measurments were taken the 'diesel' was certainly the best match. This is now in the garage waiting for fitment. Is it just a coincidence that the number of splines match?

Merlinman has already phoned to confirm we will be giving it a go on saturday. So I should be in a position to make a positive post by the evening. Thing is he will also be checking the engine position, so we will be able to provide some positive comments.

Regards to all and thanks again for all your help and support


tomboysexi 12th March 2005 22:43

Well it seems to be.....
Hi everyone, the saga of the driveshaft looks like it's coming to an end with a little help from a few other members.

We have today fitted the Diesel driveshaft and the fit is nigh on perfect, so if you are fitting or intending to fit the Turbo T16 lump then the longer of the two driveshafts must measure 965 mm end of spline to end of spline.

If you do not have this shaft then be prepared for constant shaft popping out of cv one end or the other.

Merlinman checked the shaft through all angles of movement and eventually gave it the full thumbs up.

So thats the answer guys.

Regards to all builders


holgate86 15th March 2005 22:02

driveshaft problem
Thanks for update Trev, It looks like I've blown 100 on wrong driveshaft then. I was definately told 220 shaft was required by Marlin. I will now have to buy the Diesel shaft you describe which has p****d me off. I hope that this information as assisted other builders in not making the same mistakes and wasting time and money.

marlinturbo 21st March 2005 13:31


Just for the record, could you let us know what year,model the diesel driveshaft was ordered for? Even better, post up the actual rover part number?

The Rovertech forum also reackon that there are differences in length between the MK1 and MK2 420 GSi Turbo vehicles...arrrrrgh!

Almost ready to turn the key for the first time!



tomboysexi 21st March 2005 18:12

Hi John... well done mate.
Right, now the place I got my driveshaft from was not a Rover dealership so as I could always get another replacement as and when required the guvnor put all the details on the back of a business card which I am frantically trying to find for you.

Aha found it.

According to his notes the correct shaft should be RO521 for the 420 Turbo, but the correct one as far as I am concerned is RO595.

They charged me 85.00 (Woods of Ilford Lane).

Good luck mate


holgate86 27th March 2005 12:48

driveshaft saga
I have now fitted the R0595 and can confirm this is the unit required, for turbo models anyway. I have not had to alter my engine position but it was as far right as I think it could comfortably go. Thanks to John for all his efforts in identifying the right unit, i'm sure it will save people building turbo models a lot of heartache. Brian.

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