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bigrich 20th September 2009 23:02

Oulton Park Trackday pics
Hi All,

I've finally managed to get some pics of my trackday last month....lots of fun :)

limpabit 21st September 2009 05:47

Car looks great. Lots of fun. :biggrin:

What weight springs do you run at the front and what tyre pressures?

When I took mine on the airfield day, I found the front clam rubbed on hard cornering. Running 225lb at the front but did not increase tyre pressure as I think I should have done.

bigrich 21st September 2009 07:25

Hi John,

Front pressures 15psi cold, Rears 17psi cold.

225lb front srpings.

I got a bit of dive under hard braking and cornering but no rubbing.....probably because my rims are only 5.5j width with 185/55 tyres.....everything is 'tucked in' a bit more.

I reckon I could probably do with 275lb fronts really if I did lots of track.


5EXi girl 21st September 2009 09:24

Great pics - :-)
Looks like you had great fun with your car and btw it looks fab. Any chance of a copy sent to as I am keen to start putting owners pics up on web site (see thread)

ysabel 7th October 2009 14:29

looks happy enjoying your car ....

KrazyKen 19th October 2009 21:30


Your car looks great, don't know how this will affect the sale if you are still trying to sell it?

As my car is track orientated I used 350Lb springs on the front and 300Lb springs on the rear. I also run tyre pressures of 16psi HOT so in the first few stints keep dropping the pressures down until 16 HOT is consistently achieved. My tyres are 195/50 x 15 888's all round and this set up works very well on track.

bigrich 20th October 2009 20:03

For Mrs Bigrich's sake...she's still for sale in the back of Complete Kit Car...9500 of anyones money will do. probably wont sell at this price......but not the end of the world :)

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