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Ex-Biker 25th February 2009 16:24

Fooookin suspension setup!
Just had a call from the garage setting up the suspension on the car.

'there is not enough adjustment to get the tracking as per Marlin spec'

Marlin's response:

'hi, I'm sorry but we are not in today'

Looks like I'm going to have to pay the garage for work they can't complete and drive the car 85 miles to SVA (as I've sent off the forms). Then pay again when I can talk to Marlin & find out why there is not enough adjustment.

chrislandy 25th February 2009 16:39

Can't you trailer it?

No need to pay others to do it when you can do most (if not all) yourself. The string method of setup is tried and tested, all you need is a level surface, some chalk, string, a measuring tape, spirit level and 4 axle stands.

this link has a good "how to" on it...

limpabit 25th February 2009 18:04


I'm not sure how they can't get the adjustment. It's very minimal.

Is it front or back they can't get the adjustment?

bigrich 25th February 2009 20:39

...firstly, you did well to get a spec from Marlin. Best I got was set everything parallel and go from there!

That said, I started out with Elise settings and tweaked a bit. Ended up with slight toe out on front 0.5 - 1mm and fairly big toe in on the back (approx 1.5 - 2mm each side). I found that this gave a nice neutral set up with a bit of oversteer on bends when lifting off (~easily controlled with the right foot!)

...I finally set all of this using the link posted above (elantra club) and can vouch that fishing line, conduit and a ruler worked absolutely fact better results than I got from a 'pro' set up.

(PS :- Only took about 2 hours all in to adjust too)


Ex-Biker 26th February 2009 09:06

Garage were pretty good. They offered a few ideas and will re-check it after I've had a bit of a play.

In the end they charged me twenty quid (inc an emisions check).

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