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DavidH 23rd August 2010 21:19

Marlin 5exi pass's IVA :-)
Hi all,

2.5 years after starting the Marlin has just passed its IVA at Derby Test Station. Think this may be the :first: Marlin 5exi to have undergone a full IVA rather than SVA.

Well Chuffed, now the hard work starts.


peterux 23rd August 2010 21:38

Well done !! :smile: :smile: :smile:

GreatOldOne 23rd August 2010 23:35

Congratulations! :D

limpabit 24th August 2010 06:18

Well done David. A great achievment.

As you say, now you can start playing!

nutter 24th August 2010 08:00

Congrats !!!
What was your donor car??
Is this a successful first attempt and first time pass?

DavidH 24th August 2010 10:52

2nd time pass, the first time it failed on Emissions, and a few radius/light issues.

Based on a rover 25 1.6 k-series donor.

Now to sort out insurance and the paperwork for the DVLA.

alackofspeed 24th August 2010 12:58

Good work! How is the suspension after your worries about the travel / ground clearance?

Interesting choice of test centre - how did that come to be?

JG 24th August 2010 23:53

Many congratulations, a great achievment :hail:

DavidH 25th August 2010 15:01


Yeah I sorted the suspension at least enough to get through the test, some very stiff springs and wound right down and new wheels (as the ones I had got wouldnt fit without cutting bodywork). Also sorted some of the other problems that delayed my first IVA. Its a bit go-kart like though at the moment needs some adjustment.

I went for Derby as some of my friends take cars through there, also I was a bit nervy about the number of kitcars Norwich would have seen. Had a very good experience with the IVA tester, throughly nice bloke was really interested in the car and seemed to realise the practicalities of building as well as the manual.

DavidH 25th August 2010 15:05

Forgot to say, rang up to get insurance yesterday, did it through Adrian Flux, aparently theres a 5exi out there that has 4 seats someone modded it and extended the chassis !!!! Now that I have to see.

SDMC001 26th August 2010 21:16


Great news such a great moment, well done.

Patrick 26th August 2010 21:30

Excellent, well done :)

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