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MadDogMoggy 31st October 2010 20:40

Angel Eyes and IVA
The car is off having it's suspension set up so the next major step is bodywork and lighting.

I have some angel eye lights, which many builders have gone for, but I'm unsure as to how they will fare at IVA.

The lights have separate bulbs for sidelights, dipped beam and main beam, and the LED 'angel eyes' around the dipped and main lights.

IVA states that I can have 2 or 4 front position lamps (sidelights) and a maximum of 2 daytime running lamps (which come on with ignition and turn off with headlights).

So, any thoughts on what I can do? The instructions say to connect them to sidelights, but then I would have too many. Using them as daytime running lights is possible (with a gadget from car builder solutions) but I'd have 4 not 2.

Could I simply not connect them until post IVA? Is Mr (or Ms) inspector likely to notice?

Thanks for any words of wisdom!

limpabit 1st November 2010 19:08

Hi Tim.

I can only comment on the SVA rules, but I would have said the IVA ones would be similar.

I have the morette style ones. No separate side lights. On mine, the angle eyes are the side lights. So wired directly into the side light circuit.

It looks like you have two choices. You can just wire up the angle eyes on there own and use as side lights or wire the angle eyes up with the side light bulbs.

What I would do is ring the local IVA test centre and speak to an examiner and ask there advise. Did that a couple of times when I was getting mine ready for SVA.

MadDogMoggy 2nd November 2010 12:52

Thanks - that's good advice.

I think you're right about the lights too - no bulb for the sidelights as the angel eye rings are those. It was a while ago I took them out and I think I may have been confusing one of the bulbs with the indicator!

I'll give the test centre a call!

Thanks again

SDMC001 3rd November 2010 07:18


I used angel eyes when I had my car sva done in july 07, to be honest the chap who done my test was very sensible and praticle about a number of very minor issues.

Like Limpabit said, contacting your local centre, and depending on distance perhaps even going there to establish a relationship with the testers I feel is always useful, it hopefully will make them feel more engaged with you.

Ask if they have done any 5exis before it may help with fixing possible sticking points that have come up against.


DavidH 3rd November 2010 13:16

Hi Tim,

I can probably help.

My car went through IVA in August and has Angel Eyes. The rule that must be met is that the car can only have 4 forward facing side lights e.g. you cannot have both the sidelights and the angel eyes wired and active as that would be a fail. Just removing the bulb would not necessarily be sufficient if you leave the wiring in place as that would count as a defective bulb and fail according to my IVA examiner. so the best method is either dont wire one of the sidelights or the angel eyes for the purposes of IVA.

Hope that helps.


MadDogMoggy 5th November 2010 13:10

Thanks again guys.

I think phoning the inspector is probably the sensible thing to do - having checked my lights again, each unit has:

Main Beam
Dipped Beam
Side light
2 x Angel Eyes
1 'cluster' of 2 LEDs in a small rectangular opening

However, the lights are E marked!

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