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Ex-Biker 19th February 2013 00:15

Looking to sell my 5EXI
I'm looking to sell my 5EXI (chassis No5), 1.6 Rover engine, in Black gel coat.

It was the last car to pass the SVA at Exeter test centre.

It has been hardly been used since SVA and has been sat in my garage for 2+ years. I never finish off the bodywork - it needs the mould marks removing and bodywork polishing and it could do with the suspension / tracking checking.

Ideas on how much I'll get for it?

Anyone interested?

limpabit 19th February 2013 08:46


Looking at the prices they have gone for, don't go for much money. The two I know off was 4k or just under. Not sure if Rich or Krazy Ken sold there's. Had there's up for 8-9k mark if I remember rightly.

eaa53 19th February 2013 13:20

Complete to a good standard
I am just getting to the point of taxing mine for some driving time, but I have too many cars myself so I understand the need to move the unused one on.

To get some quality time back you could always do a track day and take it easy rather than thrash it round.

If its not finished and sparkling I would guess that any potential value will drop by 50% as the buyer will use every glitch and visible issue to reduce the price.

Best to bite the bullet and complete the visible and obvious outstanding work to achieve the best possible price...

Good luck whatever you choose to do.

JG 19th February 2013 20:05

I'll put in a cheeky 100 bid, I'll even collect it myself :hippie:

Ex-Biker 19th February 2013 21:15

What makes it worse is that I pick up a motorbike on Saturday . . . .

I spent about 9,500 building it, probably take less than 4k if someone offered me the cash . . . . .

Ex-Biker 19th February 2013 21:18


You could always put that 100 to the charity I'm raising money for - Mind.

I'll doing the Ride London 100 mile event in August:

As you'll see, I'm well on the way to the 650 target. . . . . .

bigrich 19th February 2013 22:44

Limpabit (John) - I still have my car. Not worth selling for the cash it would generate. Worth more to me........nice pic below of mine at Oulton Park last year :)

Don't know if Ken sold his??


eaa53 20th February 2013 07:49

I was told that Ken's car is no longer for sale.

Spoke to Ken and his car is no longer for sale.

No other detail available at this time.... Don't Ask!

limpabit 21st February 2013 06:59


Originally Posted by eaa53 (Post 40555)
I was told that Ken's car is no longer for sale.

Spoke to Ken and his car is no longer for sale.

No other detail available at this time.... Don't Ask!

What ever happened, just hope Ken's ok.

eaa53 21st February 2013 07:39

Ken is fine.

bigrich 21st February 2013 18:26


Whats the story?

Ex-Biker 28th February 2013 19:08

So, is it worth putting it up for sale?

If so, where is the best place?

Not sure eBay is the best place . . . .

limpabit 3rd March 2013 08:15

Depends on what you call worth it to you. Need to have a figure in your head which says not worth it and how long to wait. Luck of the draw if a buyer is looking at the right time. I say 5k or less, you well sell and pretty quick. Won't know until you test the water.

Know someone that had good success selling there's in Complete Kit car. Someone happened to be looking at the right time. Sold for I think around 7k. But had exstensive body work widened etc, sprayed professionally 5EXI.

Other options is the for sale at Stoneleigh. But not sure of success rates there.

Or as you say, eBay. But sometimes, not an easy ride.

Ex-Biker 8th March 2013 19:34

So 3k for a quick sale sounds reasonable then . . . .

Anyone want to buy a 5exi?

JG 8th March 2013 20:21

Why not post some pics up, I'm sure you will get interest at that price if people could see what they were getting.


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