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Tribute Automotive 4th January 2014 18:48

KOBRA PROJECT - BMW Z3 based body conversion kit
Having purchased a Cobra body shell to use elements of in Geoff's BMW Z3 based 250 SWB project, it seemed logical to develop another kit in tandem.

An hour with the angle grinder has produced this:

And another couple of hours with Photoshop has produced this:

Thanks to Richard for the loan of his Z3 for the development. We are aiming for a March 2014 launch and a visit to Detling Show with a finished car.

WorldClassAccident 4th January 2014 19:27

Like the sill covers - can I have some? (about to email you)

Do you want to borrow a set of wire wheels for the show?

Tribute Automotive 4th January 2014 20:02


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 50251)
Like the sill covers - can I have some? (about to email you)

Do you want to borrow a set of wire wheels for the show?

Yes you can Nick, I have emailed you back.

Don't need the wire wheels for the Kobra, it will have 19" alloys for a more modern twist, but maybe for the MXAMZ

Jonno 4th January 2014 20:52

Another project I'd be interested in.. stop making these good looking cars ;)

obr 4th January 2014 21:56

Damn, you guys are good!

Mister Towed 4th January 2014 21:57

Like the rising curve on the rear wings, very 250swb, and love the D24 Spyder front end (obviously) but needs to be a coupe or open racer with a perspex flyscreen and shaved door handles I feel. Decent folding top and proper doors gives it away as a kit car imho. Looking 'king good though...

Mister Towed 4th January 2014 22:18

Something like this maybe?

Ollie 4th January 2014 23:40

Chris, if you get this one right, esp with the wheels filling / hugging the arches i reckon you'll have another winner.
Stance skills, or stance kills.....

y cymro 4th January 2014 23:51


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 50267)

Tribute's already built this for WCA

Mister Towed 5th January 2014 09:33


Originally Posted by y cymro (Post 50272)
Tribute's already built this for WCA

Not exactly. I'm suggesting getting rid of the raked windscreen and side glass and fitting a perspex flyscreen and maybe side deflectors. I know that would reduce practicality, but if you want a practical car buy a Golf.

It could even be done in glass, something like Claude Storez' ill fated Zagato Speedster had (the silver car's a zillion dollar recreation made recently by Zagato for a very rich customer)-

Alternatively, a Coupe version similar to Geoff's 250swb but with the Cobra/D24 nose would provide both looks and practicality.

I'd also prefer to see the rear arches sit higher than WCA ended up with, like on most (but not all) Maserati 300S's -

No disrespect to WCA's car or the effort Chris put into creating it, it's going to look stunning once it's painted, polished and detailed, I just feel that the production version would look more authentic with the windscreen ditched and the rear arches raised to match the high curve of the 300S.

I know there'll be those that disagree, but vive la difference!

y cymro 5th January 2014 10:09

Whilst I agree with you about the windscreen I'm told that replacing the windscreen surround will mean the car will need to pass an IVA test - which might be difficult for a 14 year old car to do. I have no personal experience of IVA but it seems it is 'feared'.
Thinking about it, perhaps a Z3/mx5 should be inspected with the IVA manual in hand to identify any changes necessary to comply.

Your statement about the windscreen affecting the authentic look is spot on, particularly as Chris and Dan do such a great job on the shape which perhaps deserves a classically upright screen. But the approach to create a new skin over a production model will always be a compromise, and one which makes the build easier too.

zagmad 5th January 2014 10:21

:ranger: :juggle: i don't want to complicate things but, what if you kept the fame round the windscreen and raised the shell and lowered the suspension at the same time . and had a smaller screen fitted within the existing frame. structure stays glass lowers visually. i've tried contacting kit car magazines with this query but no reply and don't know anyone in an iva centre. just options.

y cymro 5th January 2014 10:28

Looking again at the Kobra I think the screen looks good, and possibly better than the original. The problem is that because the original is such an icon any changes will not be received well.
After seeing it last might, my thoughts were around using the Kobra front with a 250SWB rear. Thanks a bunch Chris. If you make an Alfa 8C next I'll have to buy more Z3s.

zagmad 5th January 2014 10:31

:plane: coupe version. why not a hard top molded and then blended with an alternative rear window that still demists. keeps the line simple and keeps within the theme of the lightweight kobra style. just ideas. plus door seal would be easier to source or replicate etc. or slightly lengthened backwards to allow for roll cage options

y cymro 5th January 2014 10:34


Originally Posted by zagmad (Post 50278)
:ranger: :juggle: i don't want to complicate things

That's not like you ha ha!

Mister Towed 5th January 2014 10:35

Is the screen and frame structural in the Z3? If not, I can't see why cutting it off would bring on the dreaded IVA test. After all, I cut the whole body off my Vitesse and it didn't need IVA. :)

Does anyone know if there's a definitive reference work detailing what changes need IVA and what don't?

zagmad 5th January 2014 10:44

at the start of the amz build i kept looking at the windscreen and thought if i needed to replace it id have to have the front removed. options of having a removable scuttle plate was mentioned to gain access, and the shell was quite high on the screen. seanick had built a raising front end on his build and thought that could be the cure. only thing that meant having lines put in and affected seals and fitting. extra plates ,bolts designing.

Mister Towed 5th January 2014 10:46

Take a look at paragraph 1.9, line 5.

So, if the vehicle's more than ten years old IVA does not apply?

There's also a table at the back that raises the issue of kit cars specifically, which talks about a previously registered vehicle being structurally modified. If the windscreen and frame isn't structural, then isn't cutting it off a cosmetic modification?


y cymro 5th January 2014 10:50


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 50284)
I cut the whole body off my Vitesse and it didn't need UVA

That's interesting. I did the same and was told (admittedly by a number of people who build kit cars as businesses rather than by vosa or DVLA) that I would need one. I was also told I wouldn't have if the bulkhead and windscreen surround was retained, just after the body was sold.

zagmad 5th January 2014 10:54

i think with time the build will take shape. just a case of looking at the options and seeing what is practical and financially possible. raising the shell up 2 inches at the door. moving the rear arch bulge nearer the door, covering the angled panel then dropping the suspension on adjustables 35-65 drop. raising the arche in the wing again and having skirts to balance the affect out. side window options,lights will come easier once the outline is definite. i'd show by pictures but don't know how. having a maximum sized diameter wheel and scaling it from their. this is wizzing round my brain for about ten hours a day.

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