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dougle00 7th April 2006 16:06

For the love of God please help me (Fuel system)
Hi, I am going nuts. I have a Dax Rush with what I believe to be a fuel problem. It is hunting at idle and misfiring when acellerating. It is driving me mad. When I turn the key a few times to prime the system with fuel it starts ok and runs for a while then does it again after a while.

I have changed fuel filters and pump. The old pump made some funny noises ocassionally and the new one is doing the exact same thing.

Any ideas whats up? It is a Sierra 2.0i engine???? PLEASE PLEASE help.:frusty:

mapper 7th April 2006 16:38

Hi, bit more info needed, are you running carbs or is it injected, which ignition set have you got, whip the plugs out note each ones colour, i.e running rich or lean do you have an idle control valve fitted.

dougle00 7th April 2006 17:19

Thanks for the reply Mark. The engine is injected and I have had a look at the plugs and they are as black as my chimney, looks like carbon fouling. As for the ignition system do you mean the HT leads? There is indeed an idle speed control valve, but I have never touched it.

Any suggestions appreciated.

mapper 8th April 2006 08:35

Ok, obviously running far too rich, fouled up plugs and excessive fuel causing the misfire, Start with the basics first, check ALL connections to the compenents of the engine management system for security and corrosion etc. Pull the gaiters back on the connectors and ensure there are no broken wires, Check all intake and vacuum hoses are intact and that no unmeasured air is getting into the engine. With the engine cold check the resistance value across the coolant sensor for the EMS. Either take it out and put it in hot water or warm up the engine and check the value again, there should be a dramatic change.(sorry no exact values to hand I can quote). If no change replace the sensor. Try all this for starters. there is more.
Surging problem probably linked to above but I would remove the idle control valve and clean it, also it's pipework and the bypass port in the inlet manifold.

holgate86 8th April 2006 13:55

hunting at idle
The Sierra injection engine has common problems relating to idle faults, firstly the throttle butterfly and idle valve get carbon deposits buiding up over time and require a thorough cleaning with good carb cleaner. There is a mod on the butterfly that ford recommended which is to drill a 2mm hole through it, if it hasn't already got a hole that is (this is a known cure as I have done many in my daily job). There is a procedure for setting the throttle stop depending on the year etc, is it sohc or dohc. The idle valve may need to be replaced if the hunting doesn't stop. The misfire is probably unrelated to idle problem and it's worth checking all the ignition components or just replace them if they're getting old.



dougle00 8th April 2006 14:58

Thanks guys, really appreciate the help, will have a go at what you reccomended and see if it helps. Engine is OHC btw.

Thanks boys.


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