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JG 13th April 2004 10:19

Post your 5exi build websites here.
Lets see how you are getting on, pictures speak a thousand words and all that.

Post your build websites here.


Ex-Biker 13th April 2004 18:25


Have you noticed I don't seem to be able to get my website on my profile or something?

Here's mine anyway:

It's already been pointed out in a thread, but sorry if anyone gets more than their fair share of pop ups!

You never know, I might even get chance to update it a little more, as I have done more work on the car, honest.

tony-g 14th April 2004 20:21

web site / news group
Back in march I created this news group so people could share photo's and data with intersted buiders or anybody with an interest. it is not ment to distract from site but supplement it.

tony gigg

JG 10th September 2004 22:02

Looks like the Yahoo group doesn't exist any more :eusa_shifty: Any idea what happened to it?


tony-g 11th September 2004 09:52

I closed it down. there was no interest from people wanting to use it. the idea behind it was that builders could all add to it. share ideas, pictures. handy files. and good links. Builders could build up a photo data base.and it would have been ideal for those files that could held for everyone. Ie wiring diagrams tracking and setup. IT would be easy to set up again if there was interest


DP. 12th September 2004 22:28

I would be interested... especially since im planning on ordering one of these kits soon :)

marlinturbo 7th December 2004 23:02

5EXi Project Website
Ok people,

As promised I have put together a really basic web site

The contact area doesn't work, but you'll find some electrical pages as supplied by another forum member...

I'll try and update from time to time.

If people have other pics, info etc that they want added then let me know.


Marlin Turbo

Ex-Biker 8th December 2004 08:42


Nice site.

I will keep an eye on your (and the site) progress.

JG 8th December 2004 21:40

D@mn, I should really clean my garage :icon_cry:


Ex-Biker 10th March 2005 20:04

Just to say, I've updated my site and changed it a bit.

At Last!

limpabit 13th March 2005 21:53

Good sites guys. Mine looks a bit lame compared. It's rough.

JG 20th August 2005 00:37

Trev (tomboysexi) has asked me to post some pictures of his build progress, so here goes....

Cheers, John

Patrick 20th August 2005 18:11

Those headlights look great on the 5exi!

Dan 26th August 2005 12:29

Only just started it, but will be updating it quite often with my progress..

Ex-Biker 26th August 2005 19:59

Excellent site Dan

I look forward to seeing your build progress.

MikeN 9th September 2005 12:21


Originally Posted by JG
Trev (tomboysexi) has asked me to post some pictures of his build progress, so here goes....

Pictures removed

Cheers, John

What a fantastic colour. Is this a painted finish or Gel coat? If the latter is this standard orange?



Dan 9th September 2005 15:12

Looks like the standard orange gelcoat to me, same as what's sitting in my garage. Great minds think alike Trev... :biggrin:

BIG_Fella 23rd October 2005 20:09

Not a fully developed build site yet but loads of build pictures of progress so far. :cool:

alackofspeed 7th August 2006 21:25

Here are my pictures. The albums are in chronological order.

Ric H 24th October 2006 00:48

Hi all, first post on here, though I've been lurking for a bit :-) Reassured to see the amount of good advice changing hands. I picked up my kit this Summer and am stuck into it now - building with the K20A engine.

I've been putting together a build diarythat you can find here
(note - I think you may need to refresh the page in your browser to pick up any edits - not sure why)

I'll try to keep it up to date as time goes by. No doubt be in touch with you soon for some advice!


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