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GreatOldOne 15th September 2005 23:55

Minimum space required for build?
Hi guys, first post from a total kit-car virgin. :wink:

I'm busy researching everything I'm going to need for a Sportster. Some things are obvious - such as a donor car, the bits from Marlin, an understanding spouse and gallons of tea. What isn't so obvious is just how large a space is required to build the car.

My house has a single, intgegral garage - you know, the sort that all recently built houses are *blessed* with. It measures 18' long by 8' 3" wide. Looking at the Marlin dimensions of aprox. 11' by 5' 6", it's obvious it'll fit... but is there enough space to work round the car whilst bolting on the oily bits?

In short - Has anyone else attempted a build in a single garage before? Or am I mad to even consider it?



JG 16th September 2005 08:15

Welcome to the forum.

I would say most people are in that position and the majority of kit cars ever built were built in a single garage (my Cobra was). It's not ideal and during the build you will wish you had a double (or triple) garage but it's easily enough room.....just. Better if your garage leads on to a drive, then you can push it out when you're at that stage and build in the sun.

Cheers, John

GreatOldOne 16th September 2005 20:06

Thanks for the reply, John. This post has been duly shown to the wife. :cool:

Ex-Biker 29th September 2005 16:15

My garage is similar in size.

Currently it contains a part built 5exi, 2 quads, workbench, surfboard and mountain bike.
Oh & the engine is in there (not fitted).

It's a little tight . . .

GreatOldOne 30th September 2005 09:37

That's a lot of stuff! :icon_eek:

I've taken the first steps on the road to Marlin heaven, BTW. I've cleared all the crap out of the garage, built a work bench, wired extra sockets and installed a new dual fluro light. I'll paint the walls and the floor next. Then I can think about getting the donor! :biggrin:

limpabit 11th October 2005 10:23

Also Marlin rent trolleys for the early stages. Makes life easy for moving onto the drive.

Not much help though if your thinking of getting kit to work on over winter!

Patrick 18th October 2005 18:54

The trolleys are good. I've used the engine hoist to put the chassis back on them after fitting various things making it to heavy to lift.

I'm fortunate in having a double garage to work in but even I sometimes could do with more space :biggrin: . I think its a case of you used what you have - with the ability to move the car about you can make space where you need it :)

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