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bigrich 21st February 2006 13:01

Ignition Switch Wiring

Getting to grips with the loom now and have connected up all of the front compartment and most of the cabin.

Bit stuck on the ign switch.

I have the 4 cables in the Marlin Loom but cannot match up colours to the ign switch. May be because I have cut the cables before the connector blocks and the colours are different?

Any one help please.



limpabit 21st February 2006 18:32

Hi big rich.

I search on Rave and could not find any circuit diagrams. So I metered mine out.

Here is mine with the connectors connected and looking from loom side not switch side. If you want me to get the other colours (from switch side, then let me know.

I'm going to get a new ignition switch I have decided for a dash install. And these are clearly labled. Try


bigrich 21st February 2006 19:12


That's just the job :biggrin:


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