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WorldClassAccident 4th April 2020 19:13

Lock down fever - started a painting
i have painted a bit and been lucky enough to sell a few bits but most of my work is abstract or semi-abstract ( but as we are locked down and I have some time on my hands I thought I would try an paint a semi-proper picture of a car speeding down a tree lined French avenue.


It is still very much work in progress but thought I would share my 'level 1' draft. I normally get up to about level 6 or 8 before I either stop or throw it away.

Anyway, bored so I thought I would share

Lucky@LeMans 5th April 2020 10:17

DIY jobs are getting done fast and the garden is spotless ! I'll be onto hobby projects next, haven't tried painting since I was at school ! You have got the perspective right in the background Nick, take your time and it will come.

Munky 5th April 2020 14:48

How do you manage to find the time?

I’m on lockdown, here in the US and forced into working from home. I used to work 6:30 to 4:00, but now working with people across the globe, I’m forced to work longer and part of my weekends!

Part of the issue is the constant meetings over the net and the knowledge that redundancies could be around the corner, so working extra hard to show value...

Even my car project is on hold as the time off I get is spent with my son who is now doing school from home. Wife is a Dr so she’s no-where to be seen these days.

Great painting WCA - keep it up! I’m a little envious of your time and talent!

WorldClassAccident 5th April 2020 15:17

I am WFH all week but not weekends. I have no kids so any time outside of work is free. WFH saves me 4 hours a day in travel so I have more time than I know what to do with.

Created the website to sell my Mercedes, updated my Art web site and am adding content to my 'Things to do during lock down' website. I am also in the process of carving a seahorse out of a railway sleeper but that is for another thread.

Car :
Art :
Lockdown :

I have cut back on the booze so the days start early and go on for bloody ages. :-)

Lucky@LeMans 5th April 2020 15:40

I noticed the supermarket shelves are low on beer and wine since the government closed the pubs ! I like your sculptures Nick, I wondered why the wine rack features mostly empty bottles ? !!

Munky 5th April 2020 17:21

Where do you get the energy from?
I’m saving around 2hrs per day driving, but that’s going into care taking while my wife is so busy. Just taken on a new dog as well which hasn’t helped (very cute though).

I do like your abstract paintings.

WorldClassAccident 5th April 2020 18:02

All for sale. They go for between £150 and £250 here as they are fairly small - 16"x12" - but most of the ones you see on the site are already sold.

I normally take commissions so if you see a style you like, have a colour palette in mind and the size you want the painting and frame them PM me and we can sort something out.

Be warned that bigger pictures get more expensive quite quickly simply because of the time, effort and materials involved. Remember that it might take me 5 -6 attempts to get the effect I am after so cost soon mount up. I don't really do it for big profits but want to cover my costs at least

Munky 6th April 2020 15:45

That seems very reasonable too. :)

Hughandjen 6th April 2020 19:53

4 Attachment(s)
Iím still in the middle of my 250 build. All this time at home has given me time to work on the car. Not far off paint now and am toying with the idea of having a go myself. The more I do on the car the more it means to me and the closer I get attached to it.

molleur 6th April 2020 20:53

looking smart!

WorldClassAccident 6th April 2020 20:57

Very nice but possible the wrong thread HughandJen?

Lucky@LeMans 6th April 2020 21:04

Tried baking cakes today. I must say they weren't half bad ! My step daughter said they were "the best", high praise indeed ! They have nearly all gone !

Munky 7th April 2020 02:27

Took an hour off after work today as my wife was still in the clinic and we were going to eat junk food (fast, slam it in the oven stuff).
Went skateboarding with my boy on a couple of long boards.
A bit wobbly (me) but great fun.

Hughandjen, that’s looking a real treat!

Paul L 7th April 2020 08:37

WCA - I really like your abstract work. :cool:

Most of the other stuff is pretty good too. :icon_wink:

Take care, Paul. :)

WorldClassAccident 7th April 2020 12:25

I saw a railway sleeper and happened to have an anglegrinder in my hand

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