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craig 12th June 2008 17:58

Fuel starvation on honda?
I am suffering from fuel starvation on my honda so am considering the options to try to eliminate

Basically I see them as

1. fit a swirl pot
2.baffle the fuel tank with trap doors etc
3. fill fuel tank with foam

I am obviously leaning towards swirl pot but looking at them they have 2 intakes? How are they plumbed into the system??
I have 2x pumps on the car 1x standard rover an 1x walbro, I know the swirl pot is fitted between these but beyond that my knowledge is sketchy

Many thanks

alackofspeed 12th June 2008 18:17

flow from rover, return to tank, flow to walbro, return from injector loop. Will need swirl pot above walbro. I've not had any starvation problems, so i wonder what the differences are.

craig 12th June 2008 18:50

Cheers John, that makes perfect sense!
Is this correct below but with walbro between swirl outlet and fuel rail?

limpabit 12th June 2008 20:15

Funny you should mention this Craig. Merlinman as the same suspect issue with fuel starvation. His is a D16 Honda lump.

It intermittent cuts out for a short period when about 1/2 full. It's being tested at the minute with a full tank etc.

I've never had the issue though.

alackofspeed 12th June 2008 22:29

Yes, as drawn, plus walbro.

What bore fuel hose are you running?

I'm trying to understand why you're getting starvation, as I've run my car pretty low - 150 miles of driving, with a lead foot - and I've also driven it with my foot welded to the floor for a considerable time. Not one hiccup.

The ONLY time I've had rough running, which has been fuel related was after I ran the fuel line down when removing the tank, and the air took a while to purge. I'd imagine the design of the dead head fuel rail doesn't help.

craig 12th June 2008 22:31

Right I will share what is happening with mine but will try to keep it short!

I have been having problems on my drive where the engine sounds like it's on 3 cylinders! engine runs normally then when I put it on the drive it soon goes dodgy and sometimes cuts out! My drive is on anangle as per photos in previous thread!

I thought hgf etc but no evidence of this!

Anyway eventually I realised that the car only does this if there is half a tank or less in!

Anyway I have been researching this for the last week and found that it's common in elises esp on long left handers......would be long right handers on my car

The last straw was having over a third of a tank of fuel and looking inside the tank through where my smiths sender goes when the car was on the drive and seeing air being sucked into the pump:rant:

This is perfect for a blown engine esp at high revs up hill etc

alackofspeed 12th June 2008 22:33

Oh well, I was going to buy a swirl pot before going on track anyhow....... off I go to buy one now!

craig 12th June 2008 22:37


Originally Posted by alackofspeed (Post 12327)
Yes, as drawn, plus walbro.

What bore fuel hose are you running?

If I remember correctly 8mm out and I think 6mm return

limpabit 13th June 2008 06:57

Post a link when you find some John.

alackofspeed 13th June 2008 15:19

I've bought one from ebay - there are loads to choose from.

craig 13th June 2008 17:30

John, what size did you opt for? I have been told minimum of 1 litre for the honda's but most of them seem bigger than this anyway! I have not worked it out but apparently 1 litre should give you about 12 secs reserve

Did you opt for one with 10mm outlets?
I have spoken to one of them about making one to order with same tails as I'm using now


alackofspeed 13th June 2008 18:26

The one I've ordered is approx 1.2 litres (no allowance for wall thickness), and has a mix of 8 and 10mm outlets. As I'm using rubber hose, I've found 8mm hose will fit over 10mm outlets, so I'll just employ a bit of brute force.

alackofspeed 14th June 2008 12:18

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