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ah_sprite 8th March 2019 14:17

Another 250SWB Coupe build
Hi all,
Thought I'd introduce myself on here. Have just started building a 250SWB as I've been lurking for quite a while!

A few questions to start us off - filler neck - what sealant have people used to bond the neck into the existing Z3 neck? Also, what have you all done about moving the vent up to the top of the filler neck? No problem with drilling a hole in the side of the Aston neck setup as used on most cars, but what's the best way to blank off the old hole?

What have you all done regarding sealing the 'cabin' over the rear arches - obviously the tub doesn't come in contact with the Z3 'inner wings' so need something to fill the void.

Be prepared to be inundated with stupid questions ;)


froggyman 8th March 2019 14:25

Hi welcome, I am sure there will be lots of interest in your build as it has been rather quiet here lately with 250 SWB builds. Lots of posts with plenty of pictures is the way to keep everyone happy.

Barber 8th March 2019 19:25

Great to see another build starting, and some interesting questions, the answers to which should help me. Good luck, post lots, and with pictures.

Mikewade 13th March 2019 09:41

Hi, ref the wheel arches. I made some cardboard templates, and then used those to make fibreglass versions, and then bonded them in. My logic is that they will stop water and mud from getting where I don't want it, and will help to bond the bodywork to the Z3 a bit better, just so that it's all a bit more solid. It does take time though. I suspect that other people have used sheets of plastic or rubber? Particularly for the front wheel arches.

IanA 13th March 2019 11:37

I built out the front inner wings using HDPE Sheet Black - High Density Polyethylene PEHD Thermoplastic Polythene 1mm, blind rivets and washers like this:

ah_sprite 13th March 2019 12:21

Thanks for the replies, chaps.

I wasn't meaning the front and rear splash guards - at the rear of the car there is a 3-4" gap between the new tub and the Z3 shell, which will allow a lot of noise, and possibly fumes and weather through as well. It's the area directly behind the B post to the point where the parcel shelf bonds on.

Tribute supply some 'closing panels' to trim and fit but I really don't think they'll do the job of keeping the sound down very well, so wondered what the rest of you have done :)

The rear splash guards will help keep most of the weather out but the car is going to be very noisy if I don't seal the great big hole up.

...Hope that makes sense!

Jaguartvr 13th March 2019 17:19

Keeping the sound down? most builders remove the rear exhaust box so you don't have to worry about the sound.

Lucky@LeMans 13th March 2019 17:33

Expanding squirty foam will fill those sort of gaps.

ah_sprite 29th April 2019 18:49

Lots of progress, pics to follow!

Almost ready for paint but hit a bit of a stumbling block - the door handles!

I have a set of classic Mini door handles which I was hoping to use along with the locks - which effectively should 'lock' the push button on the handle so you can't press them in. I have removed the central locking system as I wanted to remove the risk of the car deadlocking.

Has anyone been able to adapt the Mini handles so they work fully, with the locks, or any other types of handle with the locking arrangement built in?

Getting a bit urgent as it's supposed to be going for paint prep later in the week!

Jaguartvr 29th April 2019 18:56

Put the original BMW locks, handles and central locking back, fit the Mini door handles but fit a dummy door lock that can be removed to gain access to the original door lock.

molleur 29th April 2019 18:59

any hints on removing the central locking system? I also need to do this.

My mini handles locking tabs were removed by a friend, unknown to me at the time. He also bonded the skins on with the handles too low to open the doors. Lots of cut & paste,

ah_sprite 26th July 2019 16:37

Sorry for the lack of updates, finally got somewhere and it's nearly out of the paint shop and ready for the buildup.

Colour is a Jaguar one, not as dark as it looks in the picture!

Some questions for you experienced builders:

-What have you used as a pretend windscreen surround chrome rubber trim

-What have you used for the roof gutter/side window surround trim

-If we need to fit Z4 narrower-track hubs with the wheels we've decided to go for, what part numbers do I need and what needs to be replaced? The car was a widebody.

-Which gas struts do we need for the bonnet?

Piguin 27th July 2019 05:39

Colour looks amazing, some great prep work done there.

Can't wait to see it in the daylight :D

Lucky@LeMans 27th July 2019 09:05

I think Grassbank can advise with the chrome windscreen trim. They also offer a trim section that goes at the base of the windscreen behind the wipers, looks very retro.

Z4 hub conversion consists of the Z4 hubs , bearings and E36 solid discs. Classic Coachworks offer a kit of parts or you can source the parts from ebay etc to save a few quid. You need to have the discs turned down a few mm to match the diameter of the Z3 items.

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