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sinisterSF 10th July 2017 12:42

Roll up windows from scratch
Hi everyone,
I'm looking for some input on how to make windows work on my fiberglass body shell. I want windows that roll down rather than fixed race car windows. I've got an Aston Martin DB5, which had door frames. I'm going to make mine like the DB4, which was a hard top and didn't have door frames. I'm going to make the quarter glass fixed, non-rolling or venting. I planned on putting a fuzzy channel on the front of the quarter window to help guide the door window, but I don't know if that'll work.

I'm going to order a street rod electric regulator setup that takes care of holding the glass and moving it up and down

But I need to come up with all the weatherstripping, channel, whisper strip, etc. I'm not exactly sure what all these components are really called so that's making my search rather difficult.


molleur 10th July 2017 15:26

Be prepared for some issues without the frame. Especially sealing the aft most edge.

sinisterSF 13th July 2017 12:01

I'm going to make a half channel on the front of the quarter glass for the door glass to press against. I'll probably just add a pillar in front of the quarter glass and use some universal fuzzy weather stripping.

molleur 13th July 2017 14:05

Good plan!

Barber 16th July 2017 16:30

I do not have a solution to offer, but will be extremely intetested in anything that evolves.

Mitchelkitman 16th July 2017 18:06


Originally Posted by sinisterSF (Post 89387)
Hi everyone,
I've got an Aston Martin DB5, which had door frames.


Is this one of the bodies to fit on a Reliant Scimitar that were advertised on Ebay?

vantage1e 20th July 2017 20:26

This one won't be mounted on a Reliant chassis as far as i know but some guys are mounting them the Scimitar, You'll need a GTE SE5 or 5A chassis 98"

vantage1e 24th July 2017 19:51

I've got a guy making me some door frames using originals as a pattern, I'll let you know how they turn out.

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