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peterux 17th October 2016 16:56

IVA Manual Update
I see the government's DVSA's IVA inspection manual has been updated....

It seems to be a cumulative tidy up and I haven't found any major changes, so far. If I read it right it has clarified the requirement for Fog Lights which was previously open to interpretation.

If anyone spots anything significant please flag it up here, thanks.

A good read for insomniacs :icon_lol:

RhysN 1st December 2016 21:01

I have just read this, end to end. I am so glad that is so much easier than here in NZ where we can be required to have crack testing of components, all brake pads/linings checked for specification (ie wheels, drums off etc) welding certificates checked, sample welds done and tested, brake pedals checked for nothing other than factory welds, yada yada.
Thanks for posting. I know I can work with these!

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