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lancelot link 11th May 2018 14:47

Price change ?
I had a text from my laminators earlier asking me to go in on Monday morning to discuss pricing ....I had been warned a while back that increased material costs might have to be passed on to me ..but I have been holding them at arms length for a while ...

If anyone is seriously considering buying a body from me ...could they private message me and let me know ...I am not looking for deposits or secured orders , I just would like to go and see them armed with as much positive information as possible .
I have 3 customers actively enquiring at present , one secured a donor car recently , another looking at a few options at the moment and another in early enquiry stage ...I have a customer who's bought a frame already but not the body , I have some overseas stuff happening I can use that info ...but if anyones lurking , saving , trying to sell something ..whatever ..and we haven't spoken yet , could they pm me please ?

Barber 11th May 2018 16:08

Seriously Gary, nobody is going to be put off by the kind of increase you might have to pass on. Put it into context of what they might pay for the extras on wheels, trim etc. Easy for me to say I know.

davecymru 12th May 2018 18:03

Different car, same Gary - still worrying about value for money! :)

Given how good the product looks, I reckon you'll be fine matey!

lancelot link 12th May 2018 18:49

Thank you guys ...I know increases are inevitable and my product is cheap when compared to similar offerings ...I just know how tight money can be for many folks , myself included , so look at things from a customers perspective regularly ....If someones thinking about it and just not committing , I know how frustrating that could be if the goalposts were suddenly moved overnight without any prior warning ...

lancelot link 8th July 2018 14:40


Bodyshell price has had to go from 2450 to 2650

Frames currently unaffected although steel prices are going up weekly at the moment steel supplier who does a lot of fabrication will only issue a fixed 7 day quote on quotes now instead of the previous 30 day fixed ..
I've reduced the frame price by 100 to soften the kit increase .....but can't see me being able to do that for very long ...

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