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nutter 2nd December 2011 06:49

To Glue or to screw?
Hi all
Nearly at the endof the build, just doing the last few jobs.

How have you attached the fiber glass windscreen surround?
Glued it or self tapped it?

If you have self tapped it ...........
1 ) does it prevent water coming off and over the screen getting onto your head in a down pour? Or in a down pour do you just live upto the fact your going to get wet!!
2) What type of / size of screw did you use.


bigrich 2nd December 2011 17:10

Screwed in.

I used M5/M6 csk head screws and drilled and tapped the roll cage accordingly. You can then countersink the fibreglass so that the screws blend in.


alackofspeed 2nd December 2011 18:37

I bolted the trim to the rollbar.

I could see if I bonded it, that should the windscreen need replacing, the trim might end up being a sacrificial component in the process.

I wouldn't worry about water ingress from above the screen..... there are bigger holes it'll find its way through! On the subject of water ingress, whatever you do, make sure you position the screws such that they don't compromise the fit of the hood, and also that when you screw the trim down any hood clips don't press against the glass.

limpabit 4th December 2011 11:09

As said above really. Make sure you have enough gap for the hood. Don't let any metal touch the windscreen. I had one of the self tappers just touch, not screw into, the windscreen. Created a nice cracked windscreen.

nutter 5th December 2011 14:32

Thanks for all the responses.
I think I will screw it to the roll bar then :)

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