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ChrisS 9th April 2016 07:41

Sportster Front Anti Roll Bar
My fault for getting carried away in getting the front end built up without double checking everything first. Any views on the necessity of fitting the front anti roll bar. Just realised my kit doesn't have the brackets fitted on either the chassis is or the wishbones. Various build/car pictures seem to show it fitted.
Was about to measure up and get some made up and welded on when I found a thread on the MOC site saying Mark actually recommended not fitting it, which seemed to lead to some builders removing it.
If not needed then I am OK to leave it, but want to correct at this point if necessary.

phil.coyle 9th April 2016 17:41

Hi Chris, although I have a Roadster for the last 16 years it has never had anti-roll bars fitted, I suppose it all depends on the stiffness of your suspension but I am quite happy to take my car into corners without even a twitch.
The low centre of gravity must help.

Mike 10th April 2016 14:18


Do you know what spring rates you will fit at the front?

The requirement for a roll bar is, in part, related to the stiffness of your front springs. It does not follow that what others have done is what you should do!
If they are already stiff and you add an ARB you will have a very rigid front end, and may end up removing the ARB.

I removed the ARB from my Cabrio (same chassis as a Sportster) and found it gives a much more supple ride, but still corners very well.
I found the seats are are so low that body roll is not really an issue - unless you plan on doing a number of track days with it?
Carry on without one - you can always go back and fit one if you feel it is really necessary.

ChrisS 10th April 2016 18:21

Thanks both.
I don't know what strength springs I have at the moment, they are the standard as supplied by Marlin.
I will go ahead without the ARB for now and leave until I see what, if any, work is required on the ride once complete.

peterux 10th April 2016 18:35

Hi Chris,
when I collected my e30 based Sportster chassis way back in 2004, Mark was adamant that the front ARB was no longer required even though my chassis had the mounting brackets.
Based on this, I didn't fit one and once the car was finished never felt the need for one. The car is so low and with relatively stiff suspension there is little or no body roll so no need.
best regards, Peter

NigelB 15th April 2016 16:39

Hi Chris.
I have no front ARB and the handling is fine with the supplied 300lbs springs. It's been on all sorts of roads and around a track and it's rock solid.
Nothing to worry about.

ChrisS 16th April 2016 12:43


Many thanks. Just got word back from Marlin that they advise not fitted an ARB unless going in for him climbs or other competition. Setup without is fine for road use and odd track days.

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