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ian roberts 1st May 2018 08:05

Car Builder Solutions - circuit wiring module
Has anybody used the CBS Circuit Wiring Module

I am kicking off the wiring for my countach replica and it looks like a good basis to start as it has all the key fuses and relays in place.

Your feedback would be appreciated
Cheers Ian

NigelB 5th May 2018 20:40

Hi Ian,

I used one about five years ago in a Marlin Sportster. I don't know if its changed at all but as the heart of the car electrics I think it does a great job. I'm about to start another build and I'll probably go down the same route again. up by MarlinBuild, on Flickr up by MarlinBuild, on Flickr

I did find that I needed additional permanent live and switched live feeds so I installed a couple of fuse blocks to provide those and I also needed additional relays but as a starting point it gets my vote.

Have fun


ian roberts 10th May 2018 11:30

Thats great thanks Nigel
regards Ian

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