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Welshkiwi 18th September 2019 06:58


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 102074)
looks bodged mate ......... JOKE !!

Nice trims , these details make all the difference the way this car is shaping up ...

Cheers LL.....maybe i’ll have to call it a 275 gran turismo bodged! :lol:


Originally Posted by jones (Post 102076)
Loving the details on this! Keep it posting great updates

Thanks Jones, appreciated.


Originally Posted by molleur (Post 102077)
Looking good. Details like this make a big difference.
Well done!

Cheers Molleur, the little bits take the time but hoping it pays off in the end. Just spent the last few hours sanding/filling.....getting closer.....

molleur 18th September 2019 17:19

I am greatly familiar with sanding and filling, sanding and filling,
sanding and filling, etc.!

Paul L 20th September 2019 09:26

WelshKiwi - I missed the comments about your exhaust hangers because I was at the Goodwood Revival.

So the only photos I took with your build in mind were from the front. :rolleyes:

However, based on the photo that Ace posted, it is clear you have succeeded in creating a faithful reproduction of the original. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

Welshkiwi 20th September 2019 10:14

Hey Paul, thanks for these photos, they are superb. Awesome to see two in racing garb and both in silver/grey.

Appreciate the kind words, work going on today so have coated initial primer coat on the sills, more to do but the rugby is starting which may divert some attention....luckily kickoff in nz is late afternoon onwards so no real excuses!

Reckon Goodwood is just that iconic event that everyone has to go to....cheers.

Welshkiwi 22nd September 2019 04:20

Sills and trims
Hi guys, managed to finish the sills and trims as planned this weekend in between watching the rugby.

Happy with what has been achieved when comparing to the original car.

jones 22nd September 2019 07:46

Love it! Great work!

DaveP 22nd September 2019 10:47

That does look excellent. Good work.

Oh and unlucky to Scotland; Ireland were just too strong.

molleur 22nd September 2019 16:56

Congrats, looks great!

Welshkiwi 23rd September 2019 07:39

Thanks for the positive support guys. Appreciated. This week is focussed on finalising all my bits for fixing the body, removing it, final checks and tidy up and hopefully with a mate of mine bond it on early next week. If I can achieve that and get certification clearance then I am all go on wheel arches/doors/boot and inner compartment panels.....
Fingers crossed. Oh and Wales have got two rugby games to play as well in that time!

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