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Jeff H 23rd May 2018 21:12

Z based 250 GTO project

Alex 23rd May 2018 21:32

Looks like a good buy Jeff, hope the alterations go well and look forward to watching the progress and especially the final paint

redratbike 23rd May 2018 21:38

I saw that was on eBay or car and classics ?

thought it was yellow when I first saw it thought it suited the car

Jaguartvr 24th May 2018 08:49

I was watching that on eBay with interest. Gaps look good and the wheels look great with a bit more rim showing.
I do hope you will do a build thread.
Did you sell the red 250 in the end?

smash 24th May 2018 12:51

Bloody he'll he's done the bonnet stretch as well as the other goodies you got. Even better!

Jaguartvr 24th May 2018 17:58


Originally Posted by Jeff H (Post 95163)
Hi Steve,

The wires are Morgan so they do have a bit of a dish to them, yes the tribute was bought by a Sheikh from Qatar, he is going to put an M3 engine/box in it, uprate all the suspension, brakes etc.

This project wont be started for a bit as I have a few other things on at the moment, but will update on here as it moves forward.

Don't you just wish you had added an extra zero to the asking price:biggrin1:

smash 10th February 2019 18:53

What is it with you and remolding bonnets! I know there's lots of work but what a great looking car :)

JG 10th February 2019 19:53

Looking forward to this build/resto. Can already see it is going to be fantastic when it is finished. Very interested in you doing the molding side of things as I'm going to have to do some of that this year.

redratbike 12th February 2019 17:57

another one for sale here

JG 12th February 2019 23:48

Seems like good value

redratbike 13th February 2019 06:33


Originally Posted by JG (Post 99097)
Seems like good value

I thought so too

craigt 13th February 2019 17:12

And here

redratbike 13th February 2019 22:06


Originally Posted by craigt (Post 99104)

I have put them both in the for sale section yesterday

smash 14th February 2019 10:37

13k GTO sounds too cheap - freshly imported (that's not cheap), paint looks fresh as do wheels and tyres but under bonnet totally unloved. Weirdly cheap... Registered make is Ferrari

jones 8th March 2019 09:07

How are you getting on Jeff?

K.C.NewbieUk 17th March 2019 10:51

Absolutely awesome.

K.C.NewbieUk 17th March 2019 10:55


Originally Posted by Jeff H (Post 95147)
I recently bought this unfinished project,

It is based on a 1975 Datsun 260 Z, the chap spent five years building it in his spare time, he has bought quite a few parts for the car so it is almost 100 per cent complete.

It drove on and off the trailer, the engine seems ok at 1st look, obviously it has had some welding being a RHD UK car, we still salt the roads here and I don't think they were that well under sealed from new.

The kit has been fitted well, he spent a fair bit of time on getting the wheels centered in the arches and making good all the panel gaps.

He also lengthened the bonnet by about six inches toward the scuttle.

The car is currently in primer and has been for some time, this will all have to come off as it was the crappy cellulose stuff which is well known for sucking up moisture and will only come and bite me in the arse at a later date if not removed.

Plans are to remould the bonnet and boot lid as they are way too thick, replace the rear window for the proper 250 one, do the interior and paint.

I have the proper dash for the car but sadly all the gauges are Smiths ones so will need to sort that out.

I am not a fan of the F badges so will leave them off until it is time to sell, I do intend to use this and keep it for a bit 1st any way.

It wont progress much for a few weeks just yet as I have a couple of long termers in the workshop and have limited space to work on it.

Ok pics.
The last picture shows how crude the boot lid has been mounted, I will be picking Gary's (Lancelot Link) brains for a better solution to mounting it.

Absolutely awesome.

molleur 24th March 2019 19:40

Well done Jeff! Turned out very nicely.

Mark Burton 24th March 2019 22:03

Nice work Jeff. Looking forward to seeing this finished as it’s going to be a thing on quality.

jones 24th March 2019 22:47

Great update Jeff! Looking good!

Car photographer 25th March 2019 10:41

nice work

JG 3rd April 2019 19:37

Thanks for sharing Jeff. Always like to see progress shots like these.

What is the white material on the underside of the bootlid?

Also when you say foam between the 2 skins of the bonnet, is this covering the whole bonnet area or just the edges?

Will be doing something similar this year so good to know these tips.

Does your pal have any recommendations for fibreglass supplies, especially in quantities to mould a car and create a body? Think Halfords could work out a bit steep :eusa_think:

JG 3rd April 2019 21:36

Thanks Jeff, I'll have a look around. I've heard of East Coast, so I'll start there.

Cheers, John

Simon E 21st April 2019 15:29

Hi Jeff, what final colour will you be going for on this one?

Simon E 22nd April 2019 09:00

Well seeing how your previous cars turned out I'd say this is going to look the mutts nutts:first:

kevemm 23rd April 2019 16:04

Great work Jeff you will really make a difference to this car. I have looked at several over the years and remember this one on Ebay. For me i do prefer the Datsun kits and with the decent engine you can make them sound right. many are let down by their interiors being left as standard sometimes the rear arches look too narrow IMO. Its great that the fuel cap is in the right location and its got the correct door handles. I have always fancied one in silver, whats the wheel and tyre sizing as that always looked a like the car sat a little too low?
Regards Kev

molleur 16th November 2019 19:13

Amazing work Jeff, very nice!

redratbike 16th November 2019 19:29

Wow that colours stunning .. good choice really suits the car

Mick O'Malley 17th November 2019 06:54

Très belle couleur.

Regards, Mick

Paul L 17th November 2019 08:01


Originally Posted by Jeff H (Post 102735)
...The colour is Blu Genziano which is a Ferrari colour, changes quite a bit in different lights.

Very nice. :cool:

Looking forward to seeing it complete and in daylight.

Good luck, Paul. :)

kevemm 17th November 2019 11:00

Looks excellent

jones 17th November 2019 16:39

Looks great! Nice work as always

kevemm 3rd May 2020 21:00

Datsun 250 GTO
Looks superb quality

jones 3rd May 2020 21:59

Jeff, loving that interior! Good colour too, that's the same I wanted to do mine.... if I ever get to that stage!

Jaguartvr 29th October 2020 11:57

This might cheer you up

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